Yko Kanno
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1989   KOEI Original BGM Collection Vol. 1  
  KOEI H27E-20007 Japan CD
1991   Orchestral Game Concert  
  Warner Music Japan WPCL-560 Japan CD
1992   Orchestral Game Concert 2  
  Warner Music Japan WPCL-709 Japan CD
1993   Orchestral Game Concert 3  
  Sony Records SRCL-2732 Japan CD
1994   Macross Plus  
  JVC Musical Industries JVC-1004-2 United States CD
  Son May GA 012 Taiwan CD
  Victor VICL-571 Japan CD
  SM records SM-351 Japan CD-SINGLE
  JVC Musical Industries JVC-1005-2 United States CD
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-23112 Japan CD
  ANIMEtrax AT9303 United States CD
  Demon Records DSCD 12 Great Britain CD
  SM records GA 037 Japan CD
  Victor VICL-570 Japan CD
  JVC Victor VICL-15037 Japan CD-SINGLE
  ANIMEtrax AT9304 United States CD
  Orchestral Game Concert 4  
  Sony Records SRCL-2736 Japan CD
1996   Memories  
  Victor VIZL-22 Japan CD
  Geneon/Pioneer 5238-2 United States CD
  JNA Animation JNA-1503-2 United States CD
  Please Save My Earth  
  JVC Musical Industries JVC-1007-2 United States CD
  Tenkuu No Escaflowne  
  Son May GGG-019 Taiwan CD
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-769 Japan CD
  Son May GGG 304 Taiwan CD
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-841 Japan CD
  Son May GGG-20 Taiwan CD
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-772 Japan CD
  Ever Anime A8 1091 Taiwan CD
  Son May GGG-011 Taiwan CD
  Son May GGG-73 Taiwan CD
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-773 Japan CD
1998   Brain Powerd  
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-60264 Japan CD
  Son May GGG-117 Taiwan CD
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-60299 Japan CD
  Son May GGG-118 Taiwan CD
  Cowboy Bebop  
  Alion International Records ALCA-8032/5 Taiwan CD
  Victor VICL-60371 Japan CD
  Victor VICL-61543 Japan CD
  Son May GGG-290 Taiwan CD
  Ever Anime A8 1043 Taiwan CD
  Miya Records MICA-0032 Taiwan CD
  Victor VICL-60203 Japan CD
  Victor VIZL-64 Japan CD
  Son May GGG-273 Taiwan CD
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VIDL-35297 Japan CD
  Victor VICL-60201 Japan CD
  Ever Anime A8 991 Taiwan CD
  Ever Anime A8 932 Taiwan CD
  Victor VICL-60248 Japan CD
  K-O Records KO-88150 Taiwan CD
  Son May GGG-274 Taiwan CD
  Ever Anime A8 933 Taiwan CD
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VIZL-54 Japan CD
  Victor VICL-60202 Japan CD
1999   Turn-A Gundam  
  King Records KICA-473 Japan CD
2000   Escaflowne  
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-60590 Japan CD
  Ever Anime A8-1220 Taiwan CD
2001   Chiky Shjo Arjuna  
  Geneon Entertainment 5235-2 United States CD
  Victor VICL-60735 Japan CD
  Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku No Tobira  
  Victor VICL-60756 Japan CD
  K-O Records KO-88145~6 Taiwan CD
  Victor VIZL-54 Japan CD
2002   Mizu no onna  
  Speedstar/Victor Entertainment VICL-60975 Japan CD
  Tokyo Sora  
  RACA-20 Japan CD
2003   Wolf's Rain  
  Alion International Records ALCA 8176 Taiwan CD
  Trading Co., Ltd. KO-88257 Japan CD
  Victor VICL 61082 Japan CD
  Miya Records MICA 0115 Taiwan CD
  Bandai Entertainment 23999 United States CD
  Victor VICL-61280 Japan CD
2004   Shimotsuma Monogatari  
  Defstar Records DFCL 1205 Japan CD
2005   Ssei No Aquarion  
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-61648 Japan CD
  Ashura-j No Hitomi  
  Victor Entertainment, Inc. VICL-61582 Japan CD
  Miya Records MICA-0501 Taiwan CD
2007   Ragnarok Online II  
  Gravity DVD Edition South Korea CD
2008   Makurosu Furontia  
  Victor Entertainment Japan VTCL-60260 Japan CD
  Victor Entertainment Japan VTCL-60060 Japan CD
  Victor Entertainment Japan VTCL-60061 Japan CD
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