Naushad Ali
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1949   Andaz  
  EMI/Odeon Records MOCE 4116 India LP
  His Master's Voice/EMI India ECLP 5594 India LP
1951   Deedar  
  His Master's Voice/EMI India EALP 4066 India LP
1954   Amar  
  His Master's Voice/EMI India ECLP 5520 India LP
  Angel Records/EMI TAE 1490 India LP
1963   Mere Mehboob  
  EMI/Odeon Records 3AEX 5028 India LP
1964   Leader  
  EMI/Odeon Records 3AEX 5031 India LP
1967   Ram Aur Shyam  
  EMI/Odeon Records 3AEX 5141 India LP
1968   Saathi  
  EMI/Odeon Records 3AEX 5184 India LP
1971   Khak Aur Khoon  
  Columbia/EMI EKCA 5181 Pakistan 45RPM
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