Robert O. Ragland
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1970   Baby Sitter, the  
1972   Night of the Lepus, the  
  Thing With Two Heads, The  
  Pride/MGM Records PRD-0005 ST United States LP
1973   Daring Dobermans, the  
  Saga of Jimmy D., the  
  Touch of Satan, a  
1974   Abby  
  Project Kill  
  Seven Alone  
  Seval SA 1001 United States LP
  Seval 101 United States LP
  Ying and Yang of Mr. Go, the  
1975   Horror of Dr. Chaney, the  
  Return To Macon County  
  United Artists LA 491-H United States LP
  United Artists LA 491-G United States LP
  Sharks' Treasure  
  United Artists FM-1095 Japan 45RPM
1976   Grizzly  
  Seven Seas FMS-8 Japan 45RPM
  Truluv HWR 301 United States LP
  Dragon's Domain Records DDR609 United States CD
  Seven Seas FML 59 Japan LP
  Hazing, the  
  Pony Express Riders  
1977   Mansion of the Doomed  
1978   Mountain Family Robinson  
1979   Deadly Games  
  High Ice  
  Jaguar Lives!  
  Seven Seas FMS-93 Japan 45RPM
  Dragon's Domain Records DDR665 United States CD
  Seven Seas FML 116 Japan LP
  Only Once in a Lifetime  
  Wilderness Family, the - Part III  
1980   Glove, the  
1982   Lovely, But Deadly  
  Kronos Records KRONGOLD030 Malta CD
  CAM CSE 800-128 Italy CD
  CAM COS 800-128 Italy CD
  Cerberus CST 0206 United States LP
  CAM 493493-2 Italy CD
  Time To Die, A  
  Cerberus CEMS - 0119 United States LP
  BSX Records BSXCD 8836 United States CD
1983   10 To Midnight  
  Twilight Time no label number United States DVD
  Varese Sarabande STV 81172 United States LP
  Intrada Signature Editions ISE1031 United States CD
  Silva Screen SIL 1529.2 Germany CD
  Brain Waves  
1984   Day of the Assassins, the  
  Guardian, the  
  No Return  
1985   Evils of the Night  
  Super Naturals  
1987   Assassination  
  Silva Screen/Edel Company SIL 5052-2 Germany CD
  Death Wish 4: The Crackdown  
  Silva Screen SIL 1529.2 Germany CD
1988   Deep Space  
  Messenger Of Death  
  Silva Screen/Edel Company SIL 5052-2 Germany CD
  Moon in Scorpio  
1989   Alien Degli Abissi  
1990   Fifth Monkey, the  
1995   Fear, The  
  Warlock WARCD-2751 United States CD
  Raffle, the  
1996   Shadowchaser IV  
  Too Fast Too Young  
1997   Plato's Run  
  Top of the World  
1998   Lima: Breaking the Silence  
  Motel Blue  
1999   Music Of Robert Ragland  
  TruLuv Records Composer promo United States CD
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