Stephen Endelman
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1993   Household Saints  
1994   Desperate Trail  
  Imaginary Crimes  
  Post Cards From America  
  London 314-525 464-2 United States CD
1995   Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain, The  
  Epic/Sony Records ESCA-6419 Japan CD
  Epic Soundtrax EK 67151 United States CD
  Epic Records EPC 480945-2 Great Britain CD
  Good Policeman, the  
  Soundtrack Listeners Club SLCS 7284 Japan CD
  Varese Sarabande VSD 5649 United States CD
  Tom And Huck  
  Walt Disney Records 60892-7 United States CD
1996   Cosi  
  ICON 19961 Australia CD
  Flirting With Disaster  
  Geffen Records GED 24970 United States CD
1997   City Of Industry  
  Polygram 524308 United States CD
  Quango 524 308-2 United States CD
  Keys to Tulsa  
  Kicked in the Head  
  Miramax Films Greatest Hits  
  Miramax Records / Hollywood Records MH 62018 2 United States CD
1998   Finding Graceland  
  Proposition, The  
  Philips 462 504-2 United States CD
  Philips 462 504-2 Germany CD
  Tempting Fate  
1999   Earthly Possessions  
  PolyGram/London Records 314-556 033-2 United States CD
  Colosseum VSD (CVS) 6013 Germany CD
  Varese Sarabande 302 066 013 2 United States CD
2000   Passport To The Universe  
  1M1 Records 68501-80027-2 United States CD
  Two Family House  
  RCA Records 63733 United States CD
2001   Bride Of The Wind  
  Deutsche Grammophon 289 469 584-2 United States CD
2002   Evelyn  
  Decca 064 851-2 European Union CD
  Decca 064 851-2 France CD
  Decca 440 064 851-2 United States CD
2006   Home Of The Brave  
  Bodogmusic 0178280BDM Germany CD
  Lakeshore Records LKS 33892 United States CD
  O Jerusalem  
  Milan Music 399 062-2 France CD
  Phat Girlz  
  Lakeshore Records LKS 33860 United States CD
2007   Grand, The  
  Milan 36333 United States CD
2008   Free Style  
  Great American Music Company CD-GA-162 United States CD
2009   Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li  
  Lakeshore Records LKS340682 United States CD
2014   Rob The Mob  
  Lakeshore Records LKS 343712 United States Other
2016   Greater  
  Lakeshore Records LKS United States CD
2019   Stano  
  Lakeshore Records United States Other
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