Edwin T. Astley
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1953   Gilbert Harding, Speaking of Murder  
1954   Crowded Day, the  
  Devil Girl from Mars  
  Gay Dog, the  
  Happiness of Three Women, the  
  Star of My Night  
  Tale of Three Women, the  
  What Every Woman Wants  
1955   Adventures Of Robin Hood, The  
  Columbia Records J4-275 United States 45RPM
  Contraband in Spain  
  Diamond Expert, the  
  Final Column  
  Hornets Nest, The  
  Lucky People, the  
  Three Cornered Fate  
  To Paris with Love  
1956   Adventures of Sir Lancelot, the  
  Alias John Preston  
  Buccaneers, the  
  Case of the Mukkinees Battle-Horn  
  Stars In Your Eyes  
  PYE Records NEP 24036 Great Britain EP
1957   Bailout at 43.000  
  End of the Line, the  
  Veil, the  
  Zoo Baby  
1958   Broad Waterways  
  Dublin Nightmare  
  Pathé Marconi 45 EA 278 France 45RPM
  AZ 1031 France 45RPM
  Kill Her Gently  
  Links of Justice  
  Moment of Indescretion  
  Scotland for Sport  
  Three Crooked Man  
  Toto and the Poachers  
  What a Day  
  Wishing Well Inn  
  Woman Possessed, a  
1959   Cat Gang, the  
  Giant Behemoth, the  
  Great Van Robbery, the  
  Innocent Meeting  
  International Detective  
  RCA Victor LSP 2180 United States LP
  RCA Victor LPM-2180 United States LP
  Harkit Records HRKCD 8090 Great Britain CD
  Man Who Liked Funerals, the  
  Mouse That Roared, the  
  Naked Fury  
  Woman Eater  
1960   Day They Robbbed the Bank of England, the  
  Double Impact  
  RCA Victor LSP 2180 United States LP
  RCA Victor LPM-2180 United States LP
  In the Wake of a Stranger  
  Let's Get Married  
1961   Follow That Man  
  Last Rhino, the  
  Matter Of Who, A  
  Columbia 45-DB 4699 Great Britain 45RPM
  Cherry Red Records ACMEM315CD Great Britain CD
  Passport to China  
1962   Phantom Of The Opera, The  
  GDI Records GDICD005 Great Britain CD
  Saint, The  
  Silva Screen FILMCD 712 Great Britain CD
  Artone DS 25.376 Netherlands 45RPM
  Retrosound R-1007-CD Great Britain CD
  RCA Victor 49 669 France 45RPM
  Razor & Tie RE 2156-2 United States CD
  RCA Victor LPM-3467 United States LP
  RPM Records Ltd RPM 173 Great Britain CD
  Fontana YF 278 120 Netherlands 45RPM
  RCA Victor LSP 3631 United States LP
  Network 7959016 Great Britain CD
  Collectables Records COL-CD-2830 United States CD
  London Records Phase 4 Stereo 2 BSP 24 United States LP
  RCA Records 74321938502 Spain CD
  RCA Victor LSP-3467 United States LP
  Network 7959011 Great Britain CD
1963   Bristol Fashion  
  Reluctant Nudist, the  
  Song of London  
  World Ten Time Over, the  
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