William Axt
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1920   Mark Of Zorro, The  
  Premier Recordings PRCD 1034 United States CD
1925   Big Parade, The  
  Virgin Classics VC 7 90785-2 Germany CD
  Silva Screen FILMXCD 326 Great Britain CD
1926   Faust Eine Deutsche Volkssage  
  Koco KOC03 United States CD
  Fire Brigade, the  
  La Boheme  
  Mare Nostrum  
1927   Annie Laurie  
  Slide, Kelly Slide  
1928   Our Dancing Daughters  
  White Shadows of the South Seas  
1929   Kiss, the  
  Our Modern Maidens  
  Singing Standard, the  
  Single Standard, The  
  LP 502 United States LP
  Trail of '98, the  
1930   Laurel-Hardy Murder Case, The  
  United Artists UAG.29676 MONO Great Britain LP
1931   Free Soul, a  
  Polly of the Circus  
1932   Blondie of the Follies  
  Pack Up Your Troubles  
  Mess MESSCD 2 Great Britain CD
  Mess LP2 Great Britain LP
  Mess LP2 Great Britain LP
  Sea Spiders  
  Smilin' Through  
  Washington Masquerade  
  Wet Parade, the  
1933   Broadway to Hollywood  
  Dinner at Eight  
  Gabriel Over the White House  
  Midnight Mary  
  Reunion in Vienna  
  Secret of Madame Blanche, the  
  Sons Of The Desert  
  Mess 002P Great Britain 45RPM
  United Artists Records UP 36026 Netherlands 45RPM
  Mess LP2 Great Britain LP
  Mess LP2 Great Britain LP
  Mark 56 689 United States LP
  Mess 12 MESS 002 Great Britain 45RPM
  Mess 002 Great Britain 45RPM
  United Artists UAG 30010 MONO Great Britain LP
  Music Box Records TMH 4305 United States LP
  United Artists UAG.29676 MONO Great Britain LP
  Storm at Daybreak  
1934   Forsaken All Others  
  Girl from Missouri, the  
  Lazy River  
  Manhattan Melodramna  
  Men in White  
  Operator 13  
  Straight is the Way  
  Thin Man, the  
  This Side of Heaven  
  Wicked Woman  
  You Can't Buy Everything  
1935   It's in the Air  
  Last of the Pagans, the  
  Murder Man  
  O'Shaughnessy's Boy  
  Perfect Gentleman, the  
  Woman Wanted  
1936   All-American Chump  
  Garden Murder Case, the  
  Great Ziegfeld, The  
  Soundtrack Factory/Disconforme SFCD33534 Andorra CD
  Classic International Film 3005 United States LP
  History/Trumpets of Jericho Ltd. 20.3118-HI Israel CD
  Rhino Records R2 75614 United States CD
  Libeled Lady  
  Mad Holiday  
  Old Hutch  
  Perfect Set-Up, the  
  Petticoat Fever  
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