Gil Mellé
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1970   Sweet Charley  
1971   Andromeda Strain, The  
  Kapp Records KRS 5513 United States LP
  Intrada Special Collection Volume 121 United States CD
  Kapp Records KRS 5513 United States LP
  Kapp Records KRS 5513 Spain LP
  Kapp Records LB 252958 1 Spain LP
  Tam YT-1078 Japan 45RPM
  Mercury Records SRM-1-1089 United States LP
  If Tomorrow Comes  
  Organization, The  
  Intrada Special Collection Volume 144 United States CD
1972   Astronaut, the  
  Frankenstein: a True Story  
  Judge and Jake Wyler, the  
  That Certain Summer  
  Victim, the  
  You'll Like My Mother  
1973   Cold Night's Death, a  
  Lt. Schuster's Wife  
  Partners in Crime  
  President's Plane is Missing, the  
  Six Million Dollar Man, The  
  Mercury Records SRM-1-1089 United States LP
  Pickwick SPC-3566 Canada LP
1974   Killdozer  
  Last Angry Man, the  
  Questor Tapes, the  
  Savage is Loose, the  
1975   Art of Crime, the  
  Crime Club  
  Cry for Help, a  
  Death Scream  
  Imposter, the  
  Missing Are Deadly, the  
  Ultimate Warrior, the  
1976   Alien Encounter  
  Executive Suite  
  James Michener's Dynasty  
  Sentinel, the  
  TV's Greatest Detective Themes  
  Mercury Records SRM-1-1089 United States LP
1977   Sentinel, The  
  La-La Land Records LLLCD1496 United States CD
  Starship Invasion  
1979   Rape & Marriage: the Rideout Case  
  Vacation in Hell, a  
1980   Attica  
  Blood Beach  
  Intrada Special Collection Volume 194 United States CD
  Curse of King Tut's Tomb, the  
  Perilous Voyage  
1981   Gold of the Amazone Woman  
  Intruder Within, the  
  Last Chase, The  
  Soundtrack Archives LCCD-0001 United States CD
  World War III  
1983   Through Naked Eyes  
1984   Best Kept Secrets  
  Fatal Vision  
  Flight 90: the Disaster on the Pontomac  
  Sweet Revenge  
1985   Hot Target  
  When Dreams Come True  
1986   Circle of Violence: a Family Drama  
  Deliberate Stranger, the  
  Killer in the Mirror  
1987   Still Watch  
1988   Taking of Flight 847, the: the Uli Dereckson Story  
1989   Case of the Hillside Stranglers, the  
  From the Dead of Night  
1990   Good Cops, Bad Cops  
  So Proudly We Hail  
1991   Fire!: Trapped on the 37th Floor  
  Veronica Clare  
1993   Night Owl  
2010   TV Omnibus: Volume One (1962-1976)  
  Film Score Monthly FSM Vol. 13, No. 13 United States CD
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