James Di Pasquale
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1968   Hawaii Five-O  
  RCA Records RS 1086 (APL1-1896) Great Britain LP
  Music For Pleasure 2M046-95686 France LP
  Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 13 No. 14 United States CD
  Capitol Records ST-410 Great Britain LP
  RCA Records APL1-1896 United States LP
  Rhino R2 75866 United States CD
  Paramount Records LR-2511 Japan 45RPM
  RCA Records 74321664972 Spain CD
  Capitol Records ST 410 United States LP
  Capitol Records SM-410 United States LP
  Capitol Records CP-8941 Japan LP
1971   Columbo  
  Tam YT-1078 Japan 45RPM
  Mercury Records SRM-1-1089 United States LP
1974   Senior Year  
1975   Force Five  
  Sarah T. - Portrait Of A Teenage Alcoholic  
1976   Mallory: Circumstantial Evidence  
1977   Lou Grant  
  PCM Records PAA-1001 United States LP
1978   Critical List  
1979   Big Shamus, Little Shamus  
  Fast Break  
  Kritzerland KR 20011-3 United States CD
  Bay Cities BCD 3021 United States CD
  Motown Records STML 12107 United States LP
  Motown Records M7-915R1 Canada LP
  Motown Records M 7915 N United States LP
1980   Escape  
1981   Advice to the Lovelorn  
1982   Fantasies  
  Listen to Your Heart  
  Two Of A Kind  
  MCA 61270 LP
1983   After George  
  Cutter to Houston  
  MacClain's Law  
  Quaterback Princess  
  Sparkling Cyanide  
  Trauma Center  
1984   Red-Light Sting, the  
  Scene of the Crime  
1985   Love Lives On  
1986   Armed and Dangerous  
  Manhattan Records SJ-53041 United States LP
  MCA Records 6166 United States LP
  Young Again  
1987   Stranger Waits, a  
1988   Broken Angel  
  Half n' Half  
1989   Shell Seekers, the  
1990   Columbo Goes to College  
  Stolen: One Husband  
1991   Killing Mind, the  
  Runaway Father  
1992   Getting Up and Going Home  
  In the Best Interest of the Children  
  Seduction: Three Tales from the Inner Sanctum  
1994   Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes Returns  
  Untamed Love  
1995   Never Say Never: the Deidre Hall Story  
  See Jane Run  
1996   All She Ever Wanted  
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