Tangerine Dream
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1970   Tatort  
  Philips 6005 273 Germany 45RPM
  Alhambra Records A 9047 Germany CD
  Lifestyle LSCD-3102 Germany CD
  Marifon 296 140-315 Germany LP
  Teldec 6.14 082 AC Germany 45RPM
  Virgin Records 600 651-213 Germany 45RPM
  Sony Music Media SMM 509823 2 Germany CD
  WEA Records 18 047 N Germany 45RPM
  Icestorm Music 80031 Germany CD
  WEA 242 237-2 Germany CD
  Hansa 107 961 Germany 45RPM
1977   Sorcerer  
  MCA Records 2277 United States LP
  MCA Records MCL 1646 United States LP
  MCA Records MCF 2806 Great Britain LP
  MCA Records/Spectrum MCD 10842/MCAD 10842 Great Britain CD
  EMI Records 064-99194 LP
  MCA Records 414012 France LP
  MCA Records 201 315-270 Germany LP
  MCA Records 4002 Italy LP
  e@stgate 068 CD Germany CD
  MCA Records MCAD 10842 United States CD
  MCA Records I.201315 Spain LP
  MCA Records VIM-6149 Japan LP
  MCA Records 250 451-1 Germany LP
  MCA Records 5C062-99194 LP
  Esoteric EREACD 1023 Great Britain CD
1978   Kneuss  
1981   Strange Behavior  
  Elite Entertainment EE 2342 United States DVD
  Virgin Records 203 472-320 Germany LP
  Virgin Records 203472-320 France LP
  Audio Fidelity AFZLP 221 United States LP
  Virgin Records 7243 8 40520 2 7 / TAND12 Netherlands CD
  Virgin Records CDV 2198 Germany CD
  Orange Records ORCD-20011981 CD
  Virgin Records VIP 6974 Japan LP
  Mondo Music MOND144B United States LP
  Wounded Bird Records WOU 521 United States CD
  Elektra 5E-521 United States LP
  Perseverance Records PRR 066 United States CD
  Elektra 5C-5521 United States Cassette
1982   Indentificazione di una Donna  
  Soldier, The  
1983   Keep, The  
  TDI No label # Germany CD
  Ricochet Dream RD037 United States CD
  Orange Records ORCD - 20011983 Romania CD
  Tsunami/1st floor TCI 0616 European Union CD
  TDI TDI010CD European Union CD
  Blue Moon BMCD-12 Great Britain CD
  Scarce STD 0001 France CD
  Risky Business  
  Capitol Records ECS-17 417 Japan 45RPM
  Virgin Records 206098 Germany LP
  Virgin Records I-206-098 Spain LP
  Virgin Records V 2302 Great Britain LP
  unVirgin OVED240 Great Britain LP
  Virgin Records CDV 2302 Great Britain CD
  Capitol Records B-5276 United States 45RPM
  La-La Land Records LLLCD 1297 United States CD
  Varese Sarabande VCD 47223 United States CD
  Varese Sarabande STV 81207 United States LP
1984   Firestarter  
  MCA Records 255673-4 Australia Cassette
  Varese Sarabande VSD-5251 United States CD
  MCA Records MCF 3233 Great Britain LP
  MCA Records MCLD 19154 Great Britain CD
  MCA Records MCF 3233 United States LP
  MCA Records DMCL 1899 Great Britain CD
  Varese Sarabande VLE-9210 United States CD
  MCA Records 6131 United States LP
  EMI Records 4XT-17141 United States Cassette
  EMI Records ST 17141-2 United States CD
  EMI Records HMI PD 29 Great Britain LP
  EMI Records 1A 064 24 0238 1 Netherlands LP
  One Way Records S21-18507 United States CD
  EMI America ST 17141 United States LP
  Virgin Records 610 467-225 Germany CD
  Silva Screen FILMCD 163 Great Britain CD
  Virgin Records 207212-620 Germany LP
  Silva America SSD CD 1039 United States CD
  Vision Quest  
  Geffen Records GEF 70263 LP
  Geffen Records 07SP892 Japan 45RPM
  Geffen Records GHS 24063 United States LP
  Geffen Records 07SP876 Japan 45RPM
  Geffen Records 9 24063-2 United States CD
  Chrysalis CHS 373 Italy 45RPM
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