John Du Prez
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1982   Monty Python at the Hollywood Bowl  
1983   Bullshot  
  Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life  
  Disky HR 793382 Netherlands CD
  Virgin Records MONTYCD8 European Union CD
  CBS Records 70239 Great Britain LP
  MCA Records MCAC-6121 United States Cassette
  Virgin Records PYTH 2 Great Britain 45RPM
  Disky SI 792902 Netherlands CD
  Virgin Chattering Classics VCCCD010 Great Britain CD
  MCA Records MCA-6121 United States LP
  Virgin 09463 75723 2 0 United States CD
  Virgin Records 7243 8 39820 28 United States CD
  EMI Comedy 7243 5 28610 2 6 Great Britain CD
1984   Oxford Blues  
1985   Once Bitten  
  Mike Curb Records/MCA Records Inc. MCA-6154 United States LP
  MCA Records/Curb Records INT 147.772 Germany LP
  Curb Records MCA-52717 United States 45RPM
  Private Function, a  
  She'll Be Wearing Pink Pajamas  
1986   Love With the Perfect Stranger  
1987   Filmtracks II  
  Moment CD 107 Switzerland CD
  Personal Services  
  Moment CD 107 Switzerland CD
1988   Fish Called Wanda, A  
  Soundscreen/Little Major Records SL5147-4 France Cassette
  Milan Records CD CH 376 France CD
  Milan Music France 887878 France CD
  Music Box Records MBR-122 France CD
  Victor VICP 142 Japan CD
  Soundscreen/Little Major Records 5147-2 France CD
  Milan Records A 376 France LP
1989   Chorus of Disapproval, a  
  Fine Romance, a  
  Volcano/Zomba 61422-32013-2 United States CD
  Scotti Bros. INT 147.340 Germany LP
  Rock 'n Roll SZ-45265 United States LP
  Scotti Bros. 72392 75237-2 United States CD
  Rock 'n Roll ZT 45265 United States Cassette
  Scotti Bros. INT 847.340 Germany CD
1990   Bullseye  
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  
  SBK Records 2534842 France CD
  SBK Records CDP 791066-2 Netherlands CD
  SBK Records/EMI 560-20 3933 2 Germany CD-SINGLE
  SBK Records K2-91066 United States CD
  SBK Records TOCP-6268 Japan CD
  SBK Records K4-91066 United States Cassette
  SBK Records CDP-91066 United States CD
  SBK Records CDP 91056 United States CD
  EMI TOCP 6268 Japan CD
  SBK Records K1-91066 United States LP
1991   Mystery Date  
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret Of The Ooze  
  EMI 2536682 France CD
  SBK Records TCSBK 26 United States Cassette
  SBK Records K2-96204 United States CD
  SBK Records CDP-96204 United States CD
  SBK Records 796204 1 Brazil LP
  SBK Records POCP 6745 Japan CD
  SBK Records CDP 796204-2 Great Britain CD
  SBK Records CDSBK 26 Great Britain CD-SINGLE
1992   Carry on Columbus  
1993 Time  
  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III  
  SBK Records 4KM-50424 United States Cassette
  SBK Records 7-89016 2 United States CD
  SBK/Cema Special Products S7-17320 United States 45RPM
1994   Good Man in Africa, a  
1998   Labor Pains  
2002   Monty Python At The Movies  
  Disky HR 793382 Netherlands CD
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