Ray Evans
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1945   Stork Club, The  
  Rhino Records R2 72420/A 26741 United States CD
1948   Paleface, The  
  Titania 511 United States LP
  CBS Records LL-651-C Japan 45RPM
1952   Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick  
  Motion Picture Tracks MPT-4 United States LP
  RCA Victor LPM 3006 United States EP
1954   Red Garters  
  Columbia Records B-377 United States EP
  Columbia CL 6282 United States EP
  Satins And Spurs  
  Motion Picture Tracks MPT-4 United States LP
  Capitol Records L 547 United States EP
  DRG Records 19055 United States CD
1956   Man Who Knew Too Much, The  
  Milan Records ML2 35643 United States CD
  CBS Records 80539 Netherlands LP
  Coral Records CRL 57125 United States LP
  Music Club MCCD 416 Great Britain CD
  Silva Screen FILMXD 308 Great Britain CD
  Silva Screen FILMCD 162 Great Britain CD
  Milan Records 74321 14081-2 Germany CD
  Philips B 321.869F France 45RPM
  Columbia 4-33029 United States 45RPM
  Silva Screen SILCD1208 Great Britain CD
  Philips 429 232 BE Sweden 45RPM
  Rhino Records R2 72422 United States CD
  Milan America 35884 United States CD
  Milan Records 73138356432 France CD
  Silva Screen FILMXCD 320 Great Britain CD
  Philips 429.216 BE France EP
  Sony Music/Columbia COL 480672 2 France CD
  Silva America SSD 1093 United States CD
  Enlightenment EN4CD9151 Great Britain CD
  Sony Classical SK 62700 Austria CD
  Columbia CK 44371 United States CD
  Milan Music France 785562 France CD
1957   James Dean Story, The  
  Él/Cherry Red Records PSALM2332 Great Britain CD
  Capitol W 881 United States LP
  Philips 345 046 PF Germany 45RPM
  Capitol LCT 6140 LP
  Capitol Records 2C184-82063/4 France LP
  Coral CRL 57099 United States LP
  Blue Moon BMCD 4104 Spain CD
  World Pacific P-2005 United States LP
  Not Now Music NOTLP190 Great Britain LP
  Pacific Jazz 7952512 Great Britain CD
  Tammy And The Bachelor  
  Coral CXP45-1528 United States 45RPM
  Coral CX-5322 Australia EP
  Coral Records 252293-1 Spain LP
  Coral Records 94116EPC Germany EP
  Coral CRL 57159 United States LP
  Disques CinéMusique DCM145-146 Canada Other
  Sepia Records 1109 Great Britain CD
  Columbia Records LL-85 Japan 45RPM
  Rhino Records R2 72422 United States CD
1958   Houseboat  
  Harkit Records HRKCD 8147 Great Britain CD
  Keen B-2010 United States EP
  Philips BBL 7292 LP
  Philips 429.499 BE France EP
  Columbia CL 1222 United States LP
  Vivi Musica VCDS 7008 Italy CD
  Philips 322 308BF Germany 45RPM
  Columbia LA ALP 003 United States LP
  Saddle The Wind  
  Bear Family Records BCD 16328 AR Germany CD
  Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 7, No. 15 United States CD
  Liberty F-55108 United States 45RPM
1959   Bonanza  
  BMG Ariola 74321 56057 2 Germany CD
  Capitol STBB-626 United States LP
  Artist AEP 1083 Sweden EP
  MGM Records SE 3960 United States LP
  Bear Family Records BCD 16328 AR Germany CD
  United Artists UAS 6161 United States LP
  Crazy 990.003 France 45RPM
  RCA Camden SGR 2245-H (9201) Germany LP
  DS Sofrason 990.0003 France 45RPM
  Metro Records M-544 United States LP
  Music For Pleasure 2M046-95686 France LP
  Victor SS-1505 Japan 45RPM
  Jasmine Records JASMCD 3719 Great Britain CD
  Silva Screen FILMXCD356 Great Britain CD
  Harkit Records HRKCD 8231 Great Britain CD
  RCA Victor LPM-2180 United States LP
  Victor SHP-5153 Japan LP
  RCA Victor 86428 France EP
  RCA Victor LSP 2180 United States LP
  Joker JK 4010 Netherlands 45RPM
  RCA Victor 47-8444 Germany 45RPM
  Electrola E 22 308 (Electrola 45-EG 9314) Germany 45RPM
  Metronome/Dureco Gramofoonplaten B-1561 Netherlands 45RPM
  RCA Camden CAS 10193 Germany LP
  RCA Records INTS 1462 Germany LP
  Metro Records MS-544 United States LP
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