Alexander Blonksteiner
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Year Title Rating
  Label Country Format
1980   Apocalypse Domani  
  Death Waltz Recording Company DW035 Great Britain LP
  Beat Records LPF 050 Italy LP
  Chris' Soundtrack Corner CSC 033 Germany CD
  Beat Records CDX 1005 Italy CD
1981   Quella Villa Accanto Al Cimitero  
  Beat Records CDCR 21 Italy CD
  Death Waltz Recording Company DW12 Great Britain LP
  Graveside Entertainment & Blackest Heart GSCD003 United States CD
  Beat Records CDCR 89 Italy CD
  Beat Records LPF 056 Italy LP
  Beat Records FBS004 Italy CD
  Lucertola Media LMCD 009 Germany CD
  Jonathan ATO 28005 France LP
  Canopo CNP 0089 Italy LP
  CMV Laservision CMV 0104-CD Germany CD
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