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Soundtracks added during the last two weeks
Entry Date   Title
Composer Release Year
8-Oct-2015   John Barry - Soundtracks And Singles 1963 - 1966
Fantastic Voyage FVTD230
John Barry 2015 
8-Oct-2015   Better Call Saul
Madison Gate Records 46045
Dave Porter 2015 
8-Oct-2015   Lovebirds: Rebel Lovers In India
Keep Hold Srl no label number
Mauro Crivelli 2012 
8-Oct-2015   Udo Honig Story, Die
Alhambra A 9028
Marcel Barsotti 2015 
8-Oct-2015   Grande Olimpiade, La
Alhambra A 9027
Armando Trovaioli, Angelo Francesco Lavagnino 1961 
7-Oct-2015   Bone Tomahawk
Lakeshore Records no label number
Jeff Herriott, S. Craig Zahler 2015 
7-Oct-2015   Gamba & His Friends
Varese Sarabande
Benjamin Wallfisch 2015 
7-Oct-2015   Pepita Jimenez
RCA Records/Discos CBS SPBO-9275
Stelvio Cipriani 1975 
7-Oct-2015   Parrish
Capitol Records 7P-226
Max Steiner 1961 
7-Oct-2015   Man With The Golden Arm, The
Mercury Records EP 60024
Elmer Bernstein 1955 
7-Oct-2015   Man Called Horse, A
Stateside/EMI 1J 006-91.991
Leonard Rosenman 1970 
7-Oct-2015   Lady Beware
Scotti Bros. 7Y0134
Craig Safan 1987 
7-Oct-2015   Ice Castles
Arista Records 5C 006-62654
Marvin Hamlisch 1978 
7-Oct-2015   Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
RCA Victor 3-10312
Frank DeVol 1967 
7-Oct-2015   Duffy
Capitol Records/EMI CLF 2252
Ernie Freeman 1968 
7-Oct-2015   Days Of Wine And Roses
$tateside LSE 6007
Henry Mancini 1962 
7-Oct-2015   Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
Liberty 15 325
Quincy Jones 1969 
7-Oct-2015   Alibi per Morire, un
RCA Records PM 45-0130
Piero Piccioni 1962 
6-Oct-2015   Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh
One Way Static Records OWS10
Philip Glass 1995 
6-Oct-2015   Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh
One Way Static Records OWS10
Philip Glass 1995 
6-Oct-2015   Experiment In Terror
Music on Vinyl MOVATM034
Henry Mancini 1962 
6-Oct-2015   Rush
Music on Vinyl MOVATM048
Hans Zimmer 2013 
6-Oct-2015   Golden Age of Light Music, The: New Town: Production Music Of The 1950s
Guild Light Music GLCD 5224
Various 2015 
6-Oct-2015   Golden Age Of Light Music, The: A Trip To The Library
Guild Light Music GLCD 5164
Various 2010 
6-Oct-2015   Eine Hübscher Als Die Andere
Philips 345 284 PF
Werner Scharfenberger 1961 
6-Oct-2015   Immer Will Ich Dir Gehören
Philips 345 246 PF
Charly Niessen 1960 
6-Oct-2015   Schlager-Raketen
Philips 345 245 PF
Ray Evans 1960 
6-Oct-2015   Reina Del Tabarín, La
Saeta SE 50.002 C
José Manuel Pagán, Ángel Pagán, Antonio Ramírez Ángel 1960 
6-Oct-2015   Oh! Qué Mambo
Philips 432.348 BE
Guy Magenta 1959 
6-Oct-2015   My Pleasure Is My Business
Daffodil Records DAF 10051
Tom Cochrane 1975 
6-Oct-2015   Due sul pianerottolo
RCA Records TPBO 1159
Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis 1975 
6-Oct-2015   Volveré A Nacer
Marfer M. 30-199 S
Alfonso Santisteban 1973 
6-Oct-2015   Umi No Wakadaishô
Toshiba Records TP-1098
Kenjiro Hirose 1965 
6-Oct-2015   Siempre Es Domingo
Odeon DSOE 16.445
Augusto Algueró hijo 1961 
6-Oct-2015   Oh! America
Saravah SH 40.061
Jack Treese, Pierre Barouh 1975 
6-Oct-2015   Nora-neko Rokku: Onna Banchô
RCA Records JRT-1087
Kunihiko Suzuki 1970 
6-Oct-2015   Conseguenze, Le
La Voce Del Padrone 7MQ 1942
Franco Pisano 1964 
6-Oct-2015   Enseńar A Un Sinvergüenza
Belter 07.730
Alfonso Santisteban, Carlos Santisteban 1970 
6-Oct-2015   Cebo Para Una Adolescente
Alfonso Santisteban 1974 
6-Oct-2015   Carnival Rock
And More Bears ACD25003
Walter Greene, Buck Ram 1957 
5-Oct-2015   Temps Des Copains, Le
Balthazar Music TELE80-RS077
Claude Vasori 1961 
5-Oct-2015   Unnatural
Varese Sarabande no label number
Edwin Wendler 2015 
5-Oct-2015   By The Sea
Back Lot Music no label number
Gabriel Yared 2015 
5-Oct-2015   Spectre
Decca 002408402
Thomas Newman 2015 
5-Oct-2015   Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans
Varese Sarabande 302 067 385 8
James Copperthwaite 2015 
5-Oct-2015   Le Mans
Varese Sarabande 302 067 385 8
Michel Legrand 1971 
5-Oct-2015   Big Stone Gap
Lakeshore Records LKS
John Leventhal 2014 
5-Oct-2015   Trumbo
Lakeshore Records LKS 345552
Theodore Shapiro 2015 
5-Oct-2015   What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?
London Records 45-HL 9660
Frank DeVol 1962 
5-Oct-2015   Voyage Of The Rock Aliens
Curb Records INT 112.716
Jack White 1988 
5-Oct-2015   Tootsie
Warner Bros. P-1747
Dave Grusin 1982 
5-Oct-2015   Slugger's Wife, The
MCA Records MCA-52534
Patrick Williams 1985 
5-Oct-2015   8 1/2
RCA Records SNL1-7229
Nino Rota 1963 
5-Oct-2015   Magnificent Seven, The
Sunset SLS 50 171
Elmer Bernstein 1960 
5-Oct-2015   Return Of The Seven
Sunset SLS 50 171
Elmer Bernstein 1966 
5-Oct-2015   Licence To Kill
MCA Records PRS-2071
Michael Kamen 1989 
5-Oct-2015   Fragment Of Fear
Warner Bros. WB 1057
Johnny Harris 1970 
3-Oct-2015   Puppet Master X: Axis Rising
La-La Land Records LLLCD
Richard Band 2012 
3-Oct-2015   Arrow
La-La Land Records LLLCD
Blake Neely 2012 
3-Oct-2015   Flash, The
La-La Land Records LLLCD
Blake Neely 2014 
3-Oct-2015   Time's Up
La-La Land Records LLLCD
Michael McCuistion 2012 
3-Oct-2015   Monster Squad, The
La-La Land Records LLLCD
Bruce Broughton 1987 
3-Oct-2015   Human
Warner Classics
Armand Amar 2015 
2-Oct-2015   Goosebumps
Sony Classical SK 513220
Danny Elfman 2015 
2-Oct-2015   Famous Five, The
Balthazar Music TELE80-LCDC
Rob Andrews 1978 
2-Oct-2015   Steve Jobs
Back Lot Music BLM-614
Daniel Pemberton 2015 
2-Oct-2015   Last Witch Hunter, The
Milan Records 36749
Steve Jablonsky 2015 
2-Oct-2015   Troll
Intrada Records INT 3001
Richard Band 1986 
2-Oct-2015   Affair, The
Varese Sarabande 302 067 374 8
Marcelo Zarvos 2014 
2-Oct-2015   Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer
DreamWorks no label number
Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek, Tom Tykwer 2006 
2-Oct-2015   Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King, The
New Line Records no label number
Howard Shore 2003 
2-Oct-2015   Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
Warner Bros. no label number
Nicholas Hooper 2009 
2-Oct-2015   Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1
Warner Brothers no label number
Alexandre Desplat 2010 
2-Oct-2015   Imitation Game, The
The Weinstein Company no label number
Alexandre Desplat 2014 
2-Oct-2015   Dark Knight Rises, The
Warner Bros. no label number
Hans Zimmer 2012 
2-Oct-2015   Puss In Boots
Dreamworks/Paramount no label number
Henry Jackman, Dominic Lewis (additional music) 2011 
2-Oct-2015   Nine
Relativity Media no label number
Andrea Guerra, Maury Yeston (rejected score; songs) 2009 
2-Oct-2015   Wreck-It Ralph
Walt Disney Records no label number
Henry Jackman 2012 
2-Oct-2015   Pursuit Of Happyness, The
Columbia Pictures no label number
Andrea Guerra 2006 
2-Oct-2015   Marche De L'Empereur, La
Milan Records 51011 1105 2
Émilie Simon (French version), Alex Wurman (U.S. version) 2005 
2-Oct-2015   Peter Gunn
Delta Leisure Group 26627
Henry Mancini 1958 
2-Oct-2015   Roswell
BSX Records BSXCD 8942
Elliot Goldenthal 1994 
2-Oct-2015   Communion
BSX Records BSXCD 8942
Eric Clapton, Allan Zavod 1989 
2-Oct-2015   Phantom Of The Opera, The
One Way Static Records OWS04CD
Carl Davis (new score for 1996 restoration), Gabriel Thibaudoux (new score 1995), Domenico Savino (1930 reissue score), Sam Perry (1930 reissue score), Gustav Hinrichs (1925 score), Philip Springer (new score), Rick Wakeman (1990 restoration), David Broekman (additional music for 1930 reissue), Roy Budd (1993 score), The Laze (new score 2014) 1925 
2-Oct-2015   Last House On The Left
One Way Static Records OWS01RSD
David Alexander Hess, Steve Chapin (uncredited) 1972 
2-Oct-2015   Willow
LucasFilm WLO-2CS
James Horner 1988 
1-Oct-2015   St. Elmo's Fire
Atlantic 7567-81261-2
David Foster 1985 
1-Oct-2015   Some Kind Of Wonderful
Beat Goes On Records BGOCD178
Stephen Hague, John Musser 1987 
1-Oct-2015   Gossip Girl
Atlantic/Warner Bros. 7567-89700-4
Transcenders 2007 
1-Oct-2015   Metropolis
Sony Music Entertainment CBS 460204 1
Gottfried Huppertz, Giorgio Moroder (new score), Loďc Pierre (new score), Art Zoyd (new score) 1927 
1-Oct-2015   Glee
Columbia/Sony Music 8869754090 2
James S. Levine 2009 
1-Oct-2015   Cinderella Story, A
Hollywood Records 0946 357990 2 6
Christophe Beck 2004 
1-Oct-2015   Last Samurai, The
Elektra 7559-62932-2
Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli (additional music), Blake Neely (additional music), Trevor Morris (additional music) 2003 
1-Oct-2015   Rush
Sony Classical/Watertower Music 88883772602
Hans Zimmer 2013 
1-Oct-2015   Flash Gordon
Universal Music International 277 176 9
Queen, Howard Blake 1980 
1-Oct-2015   Alan Silvestri - World Soundtrack Awards
Silva Screen Records SILCD1500
Alan Silvestri 2015 
1-Oct-2015   Uncle John
Lakeshore Records no label number
Adam Robl, Shawn Sutta 2015 
1-Oct-2015   Tourist Trap
Waxwork Records
Pino Donaggio 1979 
30-Sep-2015   Informant!, The
Warner Bros. no label number
Marvin Hamlisch 2009 
30-Sep-2015   Saving Mr. Banks
Walt Disney Records no label number
Thomas Newman 2013 
30-Sep-2015   Syriana
Warner Bros. no label number
Alexandre Desplat 2005 
30-Sep-2015   Butler, The
The Weinstein Company no label number
Rodrigo Leăo 2013 
30-Sep-2015   Monsters University
Walt Disney Music/Pixar Animation Studio no label number
Randy Newman 2013 
30-Sep-2015   Frozen
Walt Disney Records no label number
Christophe Beck 2013 
30-Sep-2015   Hearts In Atlantis
Warner Bros. no label number
Mychael Danna 2001 
30-Sep-2015   Pearl Harbor
Touchstone Pictures no label number
Hans Zimmer 2001 
30-Sep-2015   Majestic, The
Warner Bros. no label number
Mark Isham 2001 
30-Sep-2015   Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
Warner Bros. no label number
Patrick Doyle 2005 
30-Sep-2015   My Life Without Me
Warner B0000CC4WG
Alfonso Vilallonga 2002 
30-Sep-2015   After Earth
Sony Classical 88883724672
James Newton Howard 2013 
30-Sep-2015   Speed 2: Cruise Control
Virgin Records 7243 8 44204 20
Mark Mancina 1997 
30-Sep-2015   54
Tommy Boy AVTCD 95176
Marco Beltrami 1998 
30-Sep-2015   Shakespeare In Love
Sony Classical SK 63387
Stephen Warbeck 1998 
30-Sep-2015   E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Universal UICY 75731
John Williams 1982 
30-Sep-2015   Gladiator
Decca 4806162
Hans Zimmer, Lisa Gerrard 2000 
30-Sep-2015   City Of Sadness, A
Song Music K2HD Mastering CD 88697863732
30-Sep-2015   Sound Of Music, The
Sony Music K2HD Mastering CD 88843015562
Richard Rodgers, Irwin Kostal, Oscar Hammerstein II (lyrics) 1965 
30-Sep-2015   Leggenda Del Pianista Sull'Oceano, La
Sony Music K2HD Mastering CD 88765420822
Ennio Morricone 1998 
30-Sep-2015   Storia Di Un Italiano
General Music GMN 5006
Piero Piccioni 1982 
30-Sep-2015   Star Fox 64
Nintendo of America 2080-Fall97
Koji Kondo, Hajime Wakai 1997 
30-Sep-2015   Gran Turismo 2
RED Interactive W2K 12390
Masahiro Andoh, Isamu Ohira 1999 
30-Sep-2015   Grim Fandango
LucasArts Entertainment 1097929
Peter McConnell 1998 
30-Sep-2015   Man With The Golden Gun, The
United Artists FMW 39/40
John Barry 1974 
30-Sep-2015   Metropolis
Milan/BMG 74321972112
Toshiyuki Honda 2001 
30-Sep-2015   RoboCop
Pyramid/Castle Communications 0071552CSC
Glenn Morley, Stroll J. 1994 
30-Sep-2015   Nineteen Eighty-Four
Virgin Records CDV 1984
Dominic Muldowney, Eurythmics 1984 
30-Sep-2015   Blade II
Immortal Records 39011
Marco Beltrami, Danny Saber, Buck Sanders (additional music) 2002 
30-Sep-2015   Rush
WaterTower Music WTM39470
Hans Zimmer 2013 
30-Sep-2015   Buck Benny Rides Again
Paramount PNS-104/105
Victor Young 1940 
30-Sep-2015   Buck Benny Rides Again
Columbia DB 1936
Victor Young 1940 
30-Sep-2015   Wreck-It Ralph
Walt Disney Records 50999 723268 2 4
Henry Jackman 2012 
30-Sep-2015   Hearat Shulayim
Milan Records 399 382-2
Amit Poznansky 2011 
30-Sep-2015   Horsemen, The
Sunflower SUN 112
Georges Delerue 1971 
30-Sep-2015   Due Facce Del Dollaro, Le
Durium LdA 7547
Mario Capuano, Giosy Capuano (as Giosafat Capuano) 1967 
30-Sep-2015   Annie
Columbia Records JS 34712
Charles Strouse 1982 
30-Sep-2015   George Burns And Gracie Allen Show, The
Verve Records V-10125x45
Al Hoffman, Mahlon Merrick, Dick Manning 1950 
30-Sep-2015   Silkroad
Pony Canyon PCCR-50020
Kitaro 1980 
30-Sep-2015   Forbidden Zone
Forbidden Zone 762182972826
Danny Elfman 1980 
30-Sep-2015   Nights In Rodanthe
Decca 478 1383
Jeanine Tesori 2008 
30-Sep-2015   Debiruman
Tiger Lab Vinyl TLV02
Kenji Kawai 1987 
30-Sep-2015   Yôjű Toshi
Tiger Lab Vinyl TLV01
Osamu Shoji 1987 
29-Sep-2015   Try This One For Size
Music Box Records MBR-076
Claude Bolling 1989 
29-Sep-2015   Tais-toi Quand Tu Parles!
Music Box Records MBR-075
Armando Trovaioli 1981 
29-Sep-2015   Année Sainte, L'
Music Box Records MBR-074
Claude Bolling 1976 
29-Sep-2015   Mille Pattes Fait Des Claquettes, Le
Music Box Records MBR-074
Claude Bolling 1977 
29-Sep-2015   Staat Gegen Fritz Bauer, Der
Colosseum CST 8177.2 DD
Christoph M. Kaiser, Julian Maas 2015 
29-Sep-2015   Ludwig
Digitmovies DPDM016
Classical Music 1972 
29-Sep-2015   Morte A Venezia
Digitmovies DPDM016
Gustav Mahler 1971 
29-Sep-2015   Cintura Di Castitŕ, La
Digitmovies CDDM275
Riz Ortolani 1967 
29-Sep-2015   Per Amor Vostro
Beat Records EM2015-02
Epsilon Indi 2015 
29-Sep-2015   Shinobi III: Return Of The Ninja Master
Data Disc 003
Hirofumi Murasaki, Morihiko Akiyama, Masayuki Nagao 1993 
29-Sep-2015   French, La
Mondo Records
Guillaume Roussel 2014 
29-Sep-2015   French, La
Gaumont GMT.LP.001
Guillaume Roussel 2014 
29-Sep-2015   French, La
Gaumont 849.A021.020
Guillaume Roussel 2014 
28-Sep-2015   Deserto Rosso, Il
BTF/Contempo C02006LP
Giovanni Fusco, Vittorio Gelmetti (electronic music) 1964 
28-Sep-2015   Da Uomo A Uomo
GDM Music 02814
Ennio Morricone 1968 
28-Sep-2015   Gente Di Rispetto
GDM Music 02814
Ennio Morricone 1975 
28-Sep-2015   Chappie
Rambling Records RBCP-2897
Hans Zimmer, Steve Mazzaro (additional music), Andrew Kawczynski (additional music) 2015 
28-Sep-2015   Godzilla
Sony Music Japan International SICP-4174
Alexandre Desplat 2014 
28-Sep-2015   Maleficent
Avex Japan AVCW-63031
James Newton Howard 2014 
28-Sep-2015   Bitka Na Neretvi
Philips 6210.066
Vladimir Kraus-Rajteric (Yugoslavian version), Bernard Herrmann (American version) 1969 
28-Sep-2015   Danger
MGM Records K 111
Tony Mottola 1950 
28-Sep-2015   Jazz Singer, The
Soundtrak ST-102
Louis Silvers, Ernie Erdman (song "Toot Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye"), James V. Monaco (song "Dirty Hands, Dirty Faces"), Irving Berlin (song "Blue Skies"; uncredited) 1927 
28-Sep-2015   Hell To Eternity
Fresh Sound Records FSR-699
Leith Stevens 1960 
28-Sep-2015   Dressed To Kill
Gamma GX 01-1200
Pino Donaggio 1980 
28-Sep-2015   Destination Moon
Omega OML 1003
Leith Stevens 1950 
28-Sep-2015   Haywire
Relativity Music Group RMG1030-1
David Holmes 2011 
28-Sep-2015   Trainspotting
EMI Records TOCP-8909
Various 1996 
26-Sep-2015   Weird Science
Geffen Records 002366701
Ira Newborn, Danny Elfman (title song), Alf Clausen (additional music), Jimmy Iovine (special musical material), Mike Oldfield (non-original music from "Tubular Bells") 1985 
26-Sep-2015   Yatsu Haka-mura
USM Japan UPCY-6422/3
Yasushi Akutagawa 1977 
26-Sep-2015   Jiken
USM Japan UPCY-6422/3
Yasushi Akutagawa 1978 
26-Sep-2015   Kichiku
USM Japan UPCY-6422/3
Yasushi Akutagawa 1978 
26-Sep-2015   Hollywood Directors: Steven Spielberg
Silva America STD 5007
Various 1998 
26-Sep-2015   Aleksandr Nevsky
Athena ALSV-10003
Sergei Prokofiev 1938 
26-Sep-2015   Jesus Christ Superstar
MCA Records 082.006-2
Andrew Lloyd Webber 1973 
26-Sep-2015   Classic Film Music
Quintessence CDQ 2-44
Miklós Rózsa 1987 
26-Sep-2015   Music Of Star Trek, The
Excelsior EXL2397
Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Leonard Rosenman, Cliff Eidelman, Dennis McCarthy, Alexander Courage, Sol Kaplan, Fred Steiner, George Duning, Jerry Fielding, Gerald Fried, Joseph Mullendore, Samuel Matlovsky, Jay Chattaway, Don Davis, John Debney, Ron Jones, George Romanis, Paul Baillargeon, David Bell, Velton Ray Bunch, Diane Warren 2009 
26-Sep-2015   Gone With The Wind
RCA Victor LSP-3859(e)
Max Steiner 1939 
26-Sep-2015   Makurosu Furontia
Victor Entertainment Japan VTCL-60260
Yôko Kanno 2008 
26-Sep-2015   Makurosu Furontia
Victor Entertainment Japan VTCL-60061
Yôko Kanno 2008 
25-Sep-2015   Cool World
Quartet Records QR199
Mark Isham 1992 
25-Sep-2015   Amityville Horror, The
Quartet Records QR200
Lalo Schifrin 1979 
25-Sep-2015   Vampires
Twilight Time
John Carpenter 1998 
25-Sep-2015   Strange Invaders
Twilight Time
John Addison 1983 
25-Sep-2015   Scream And Scream Again
Twilight Time
David Whitaker 1970 
25-Sep-2015   Devil In A Blue Dress
Twilight Time
Elmer Bernstein 1996 
25-Sep-2015   Count Yorga, Vampire
Twilight Time
Bill Marx (as William Marx) 1970 
25-Sep-2015   Black Widow
Twilight Time
Michael Small 1987