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Soundtracks added during the last two weeks
Entry Date   Title
Composer Release Year
28-May-2016   Independence Day: Resurgence
Sony Classical SK 532931
Harald Kloser, Thomas Wanker (as Thomas Wander) 2016 
28-May-2016   Finding Dory
Walt Disney Records D002227202
Thomas Newman 2016 
28-May-2016   Nouvelle Vie De Paul Sneijder, La
True Velvet Records no label number
Philippe Deshaies, Lionel Flairs, Benoit Rault 2016 
28-May-2016   Place To Call Home, A
inSYNC Music no label number
Michael Yezerski 2013 
28-May-2016   Silk Stockings
Jube Legends NML 2084
Cole Porter 1957 
28-May-2016   Band Wagon, The
Jube Legends NML 2084
Arthur Schwartz, Howard Dietz 1953 
28-May-2016   Dernier Loup, Le
Milan Records M2-36726
James Horner 2015 
28-May-2016   Zorro
Seven Seas FML-39
Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis 1974 
28-May-2016   Funny Lady
Arista BLPO-10-AR
John Kander 1975 
28-May-2016   Earthquake
MCA Records 7158
John Williams 1974 
28-May-2016   Magnificent Seven, The
Disconforme Cristal 8436539313106
Elmer Bernstein 1960 
28-May-2016   Dr. No
Disconforme Cristal 8436539312864
John Barry, Monty Norman 1962 
28-May-2016   Battle Of Britain
MCA Records MCAC-25008
Ron Goodwin, Sir William Walton (score rejected; only used cue "Battle In the Air") 1969 
28-May-2016   Tetsuo: The Bullet Man
Sony Music International Japan SICP-2717
Chu Ishikawa 2009 
28-May-2016   Woody Woodpecker Presents
Drive Golden GD2-471112
Walter Lantz 1957 
28-May-2016   Far From Heaven
Varese Sarabande FFH-AA-1
Elmer Bernstein 2002 
28-May-2016   Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
Sonet T-7158
Paul Sawtell, Bert Shefter 1961 
28-May-2016   Jonathan Livingston Seagull
CBS Records CLS-5434
Neil Diamond, Lee Holdridge 1973 
28-May-2016   Tom Jones
United Artists SL-1173-UA
John Addison 1963 
28-May-2016   To Sir, With Love
Fontana SFON-7093
Ron Grainer 1967 
28-May-2016   Long Ships, The
Colpix SJET-7514
Dusan Radic 1963 
28-May-2016   Breve Stagione, Una
Cetra SP 1418
Ennio Morricone 1969 
28-May-2016   Paper Tiger
Philips FDX-257
Roy Budd 1975 
28-May-2016   Love Story
ABC Records YZ-8003-AB
Francis Lai, Jimmy Webb (rejected score) 1970 
28-May-2016   Vivre Pour Vivre
United Artists HU 067-144
Francis Lai 1967 
28-May-2016   Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Columbia JSA 36334
Jerry Goldsmith, Fred Steiner (additional musical adaptations) 1979 
28-May-2016   Nine To Five
RVC 20th Fox RPL-8054
Charles Fox 1980 
28-May-2016   Oci Ciornie
VEMSA E-30.1490 (VLP-269)
Francis Lai 1987 
27-May-2016   Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi
Sony Classical
John Williams 1983 
27-May-2016   Dexter
Warner 3299039973226
Daniel Licht, Rolfe Kent (main title theme) 2006 
27-May-2016   Choice, The
Milan Music 399 794-2
Marcelo Zarvos 2016 
27-May-2016   Deadpool
Milan Music 399 829-2
Junkie XL 2016 
26-May-2016   Fantasy Film World Of Bernard Herrmann, The
el Records ACMEM312CD
Bernard Herrmann 2016 
26-May-2016   Shawshank Redemption, The
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1394
Thomas Newman 1994 
26-May-2016   Naked Lunch
Mondo Music
Howard Shore, Ornette Coleman 1991 
26-May-2016   Romeo Is Bleeding
Twilight Time no label number
Mark Isham 1993 
26-May-2016   Rollerball
Twilight Time no label number
Classical Music, André Previn (conductor; musical director) 1975 
26-May-2016   Panic In Needle Park, The
Twilight Time no label number
Various 1971 
26-May-2016   Member Of The Wedding, The
Twilight Time no label number
Alex North 1952 
26-May-2016   Inserts
Twilight Time no label number
Various 1975 
26-May-2016   Hound Of The Baskervilles, The
Twilight Time no label number
James Bernard 1959 
25-May-2016   Dillinger
MCA Records D-1242
Barry De Vorzon 1973 
25-May-2016   Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill
EMI/Pathé Marconi 2C 004 05867
André Previn, Tom McCall 1973 
25-May-2016   Calle Mayor
Ducretet Thomson 460 V 317
Joseph Kosma, Isidro B. Maiztegui 1956 
24-May-2016   Blues History
Josef Weinberger Ltd. JWCD 2056
Steve Donnelly 1993 
24-May-2016   Ethnic Music
Palm's Cosmos 375.265
Edi Lechner
24-May-2016   Schiavi Più Forti Del Mondo, Gli
DigitSoundtracks DGST016
Francesco De Masi 1965 
24-May-2016   Segno Di Venere, Il
DigitSoundtracks DGST015
Renzo Rossellini 1953 
23-May-2016   New Vogue
Koka Media KOK 2017
Various 1989 
23-May-2016   From Other Lands - Arabia
De Wolfe Music, Ltd. DWCD 0078
John Leach 1989 
23-May-2016   Birdy - Windows On The World
Selected Sound 27-5027
F.W. Mueller-Key 1987 
23-May-2016   Contemporary Themes
AV Music Publishers AVCD 704
Martin Seysener, Dick Kemper 2016 
23-May-2016   Underscores
AV Music Publishers AVCD 703
Frans van Steyn 2016 
23-May-2016   Baby Doll
Mercury EP 60046
Kenyon Hopkins 1956 
23-May-2016   Man With The Golden Arm, The
Fonit ED 2336
Elmer Bernstein 1955 
23-May-2016   Bibbia, La
20th Century Fox SJET-7866
Toshirô Mayuzumi, Ennio Morricone (score rejected), Goffredo Petrassi (score rejected) 1966 
23-May-2016   Diciottenni Al Sole
Victor RA5268
Ennio Morricone 1962 
23-May-2016   Gunshi Kanbee
Sony Music International Japan SICL 30001
Yûgo Kanno 2016 
23-May-2016   Mr. Robot
Lakeshore Records LKS 34615
Mac Quayle 2015 
23-May-2016   Mr. Robot
Lakeshore Records LKS 34613
Mac Quayle 2015 
23-May-2016   Essential Ennio Morricone Film Music Collection, The
Silva Screen Records SILCD1516
Ennio Morricone 2016 
23-May-2016   Outsider, L'
Music Box Records MBR-097
Philippe Rombi 2016 
23-May-2016   Vergine Di Norimberga, La
Quartet Records QR231
Riz Ortolani 1963 
23-May-2016   Great Waldo Pepper, The
Quartet Records QR234
Henry Mancini 1975 
23-May-2016   Saisons, Les
Quartet Records QR235
Bruno Coulais 2015 
23-May-2016   X-Men: Apocalypse
Sony Classical 532120
John Ottman 2016 
22-May-2016   Storyboards
Selected Sound STEREO 44-5044
Wolfgang Mürmann 1988 
22-May-2016   AV Conception, The - Volume 1 & Volume 2
Sonoton SCD 004
Geoff Bastow, Jim Harbourg 1987 
22-May-2016   Sport & Action - The Sound Of 2000
AV Music Publishers AVCD 715
Tonny Eyk 2016 
22-May-2016   Nature - Music Inspired By Birds
eMu Production Music Library EMU-CD7
Martin Kershaw 1993 
22-May-2016   Leaders Vol. 1 / Vol. 2
Sonoton SCD 014
John Epping, Christoph W. Narholz 1988 
20-May-2016   Champ, The
Varese Sarabande 302 067 420 8
Dave Grusin 1979 
19-May-2016   Expanse, The
Lakeshore Records no label number
Clinton Shorter 2015 
19-May-2016   Music From The Hunger Games Saga
Silva Screen Records SILED1514
James Newton Howard 2016 
19-May-2016   Music From The Hunger Games Saga
Silva Screen Records SILCD1514
James Newton Howard 2016 
18-May-2016   Supergrass, The
Island Records IS 257
Keith Tippett 1985 
18-May-2016   Soupe Au Lait
Disques Vogue EPL. 7.470
Charles Aznavour 1959 
18-May-2016   Soeurs Soleil, Les
Mercury Records 574376 2
Eric Levi 1997 
18-May-2016   Schön Ist Die Liebe Am Königssee
Polydor 24 384
Werner Scharfenberger 1961 
18-May-2016   Rimpatriata, La
RCA Italiana PM45-3210
Roberto Nicolosi 1963 
18-May-2016   Ragazzola, La
CGD ND 9587
Romano Mussolini 1965 
18-May-2016   Presidentessa, La
CGD CGD 5072
Lelio Luttazzi 1977 
18-May-2016   Parigi è Sempre Parigi
Dischi Odeon DSOQ 207
Joseph Kosma, Román Vlad 1951 
18-May-2016   Onmitsu dôshin: Ôedo Sôsamô (1979)
CBS/Sony 06SH 649
Hiroki Tamaki 1979 
18-May-2016   O Happy Day
Buddah Records OH-1
Peter Thomas 1970 
18-May-2016   Mimì Bluette... Fiore Del Mio Giardino
Warner Bros. T 16837
Riz Ortolani 1976 
18-May-2016   Alice Through The Looking Glass
Walt Disney Records D002227102
Danny Elfman 2016 
18-May-2016   Darling
Phineas Atwood PHINEAS-8482
Giona Ostinelli 2015 
18-May-2016   Nighthawks
Varese Sarabande 302 067 411 8
Keith Emerson 1981 
18-May-2016   Magnificent Obsession
Varese Sarabande 9200-12
Frank Skinner 1954 
18-May-2016   Zelly And Me
Varese Sarabande VCL 0516 1171
Pino Donaggio 1988 
18-May-2016   Joe Versus The Volcano
Varese Sarabande SRS2020
Georges Delerue 1990 
18-May-2016   Curse Of Sleeping Beauty, The
MovieScore Media MMS16008
Scott Glasgow 2016 
18-May-2016   Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1390
Henry Jackman 2016 
18-May-2016   Crack In The World
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1392
Johnny Douglas 1965 
18-May-2016   Phase IV
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1392
Brian Gascoigne 1974 
17-May-2016   Collateral
Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 352
James Newton Howard 2004 
17-May-2016   Hurry Sundown
Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 353
Hugo Montenegro 1967 
17-May-2016   Big Trouble In Little China
La-La Land Records LLLCD 1086
John Carpenter 1986 
17-May-2016   Ordinary People
La-La Land Records LLLCD-1383
Marvin Hamlisch 1980 
17-May-2016   Save The Tiger
La-La Land Records LLLCD-1383
Marvin Hamlisch 1973 
17-May-2016   Our Kind Of Traitor
Quartet Records QR233
Marcelo Zarvos 2016 
17-May-2016   El Olivo
Quartet Records QR232
Pascal Gaigne 2016 
17-May-2016   Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco
Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 354
Bruce Broughton 1996 
17-May-2016   Chinatown
Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 350
Phillip Lambro (score rejected), Jerry Goldsmith 1974 
17-May-2016   Somewhere In Time
MCA Records LDXC-6880
John Barry 1980 
17-May-2016   Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
Peter Pan Records 1136
James Horner 1982 
17-May-2016   Emmanuelle
Warner Bros. LWB-5155
Pierre Bachelet 1974 
17-May-2016   Great Gatsby, The
Paramount Records GX 01-724/25
Nelson Riddle 1974 
17-May-2016   Empire
Columbia/Sony 89853 20642
Alexis Grapsas (additional music (11 episodes, 2015) ), Udi Harpaz (additional music (1 episode, 2015) ) 2015 
16-May-2016   Volcano
Varese Sarabande VCL 0516 1169
Alan Silvestri 1997 
16-May-2016   Spartacus
Varese Sarabande VCL 0516 1170
Alex North 1960 
16-May-2016   Starship Troopers
Varese Sarabande VCL 0516 1168
Basil Poledouris 1997