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Synthetic Core 88 (2018)

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United States

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Yetee Records 00018

Yetee Records 00018  

United States 
Release Date
Limited edition.

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  Track listing

1.  Bygone Dreams (New Game/Continue) (01:58)
2.  Flora Awakens (New Memory) (04:00)
3.  Pontiff's Pass/Flora Meets Umbra (02:28)
4.  New GAIA (World Map) (02:01)
5.  Wholehearted Elation (Battle Theme) (01:56)
6.  Victory!/EXP Fanfare (00:28)
7.  Scarred Streets, Oppressed Town (02:33)
8.  Synthetic Core 88 Awakens (Cybernetic Jungle) (01:58)
9.  Archaic Mechanized Citadel (02:17)
10.  Ivory Steam Submarine (03:07)
11.  Azure Grotto Of The Sleeping Steel Giant (03:20)
12.  Mechanical Labyrinth (Dark Beacon) (02:02)
13.  SILPH6 (Final Encounter) (05:29)
14.  Friendly Ghost- Umbra's Theme (Staff Roll/Credits) (03:32)

Total Duration: 00:37:09
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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