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Ember Years - Vol. Two, The

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Ember Years - Vol. Two, The



Ember Years - Vol. Two, The (1992)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
John Barry

Released in:

Great Britain

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Great Britain 
Release Date

Includes the non-soundtrack album: "Annie Ross Sings A Handful Of Songs"

Also contains music from:
 From Russia With Love

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Collection: 28
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  Track listing

1.  A lot of livin' to do
tracks 1 - 12: "Annie Ross Sings A Handful Of Songs" arranged & conducted by Johnnie Spence, produced by John Barry
2.  Let me love you
3.  All the things you are
4.  I'm gonna go fishin'
5.  Like someone in love
6.  Limehouse blues
7.  Handful of songs
8.  All of you
9.  Fly me to the moon
10.  Nature boy
11.  What's new
12.  Love for sale
13.  Zulu - Main title
from OST / narration by Richard Burton
14.  Monkey feathers
alternative version
15.  From Russia with love
16.  High grass
17.  Kinky
18.  Monkey feathers
19.  Loneliness of autumn
20.  Ngenzeni
21.  Fancy dance
22.  Big shield
23.  Zulu stamp
alternative version
24.  Aliki
25.  Tetha leyanto
26.  Troubadour
27.  Zulu stamp
28.  007

Track listing contributed by Mitch Castle

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