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Challenge, The



Challenge, The (1982)

Jerry Goldsmith 

Released in:

When East meets West
Godwin Borg (July 14, 2005)
The year is 1982 and (post Bruce Lee speaking) movies with a martial-arts content were about to make their real big boom in the west. This film basically narrates the story of a feud between two Japanese brothers and an American boxer that comes in the middle. I saw the movie a long long time ago so it's already a lot I remember this much! However it's impossible to forget the 2 real stars of the film, namely legendary Japense iconic figure Toshiro Mifune and Jerry Goldsmith's score! Musically speaking the score's structure is a western one, however Goldsmith often and very very tastefully makes reference to Japanese tonalities and scales and also integrated some typically Asian instruments like the koto, the shakuhachi Japanese flute and also percussions in the orchestra. The music is at times dynamic, at times very calm and so beautifully haunting that you will want to play the disc over again once it's 60 minutes plus are over. It's definitely a score to watch out for and if you are a either a Goldsmith fan, a The Challenge fan or even if you love the western and asian music hybrid then this is a score you cannot afford to miss. The CD was released as part of the Prometheus Records Club titles and is an individually hand-numbered limited edition of 3000 copies. Get ir now or regret it for the rest of your life.

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