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Big Country, The



Big Country, The (1958)

Jerome Moross 

Released in:

The Big Country Original Soundtrack
by a soundtrack collector (December 15, 2003)
If you can find it, the boxed set with the booklet that came out shortly after the movie was released is a real treasure. Covet it!

This is without question one of the greatest film scores and soundtracks ever done. It's almost impossible now to imagine it not winning the Academy Award for Best Score since, even after all these years, it is regularly rated as one of the top ten scores of all time. Funny, the score that beat The Big Country in 1958 is almost NEVER mentioned and most can't even remember who it was.

This is music that is as much a character of the film as Gregory Peck or Charleton Heston. You can't possibly listen to it without being transported to the West when it was wild and truly a Big Country.

Various musicologists indicate that Moross originally intended for the opening main title to be played faster than it was in the movie, and the most commonly available version DOES apparently remain faithful to the original conductor's notes. However, if you've seen the movie, you will find that the original tempo sounds MUCH better.

I'm not a music technician, just someone who loves good soundtracks, especially from westerns and this one, along with John Williams' score from "The Cowboys" rate as MUST HAVES...but get the ORIGINAL if you're looking for "The Big Country." It's worth the search.

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