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Wind And The Lion, The



Wind And The Lion, The (1975)

Jerry Goldsmith 

Released in:

The Wind, The Lion and Eternity
Godwin Borg (July 28, 2004)
When Maestro Jerry Goldsmith (R.I.P.) wrote this score almost 30 years ago he must have been at the peak of his inspiration because the music he wrote for this movie remains until this day unequalled and unrivalled in its genre and in its genuine beauty. It excels at evoking the movie's highlights, frame by frame like very few scores have the ability to do. There is just one word to describe this album, BEAUTIFUL: a true gem, adorned with the most beautiful, haunting themes exploding after the perfect build-up. Not only this is a fantastic score but it's also a great album, because you can sit there and enjoy the music without even having seen the film. (Itís not my case; I grew up watching reruns of this movie on T.V.) A big western orchestra mixed with eastern percussions, not the way many contemporary fancy (f)artists do but in a masterly way only Jerry Goldsmith could arrange, make up for a totally thrilling experience. Favourite tracks? ALL!!! But the 'Main Theme', 'I Remember' and 'Something Of Value' are definitely 3 of the most intense and beautiful musical pieces ever written!!!! A score that will forever echo in eternity in its magnificence, grandeur and glory, just like Maestro Jerry Goldsmith's memory.

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