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Close Encounters Of The Third Kind



Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977)

John Williams 

Released in:

Close Encounters of The Third Kind & Other Great Space Music. Damont Records
Damien Slattery (October 12, 2009)
Close Encounters of The Third Kind & Other Great Space Music.

A 1978 studio-recording of selected suites from John Williams score, very successfully performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra. The "suite" is divided into five segments that feature some of the best material John Williams has written for this landmark score. The orchestra is outstanding, particularly the brass section, who manage to blast out notes low enough to register below the heels of boots!. An unusual feature of this album is an atmospheric synthesized variation of Williams 5-note theme, which acts as an effective prelude.
The second half of this recording hosts a selection of non-film music (by other composers) in ambient and/or orchestral form. "Skyride" (by A. Bunny) is a particular standout, with its hypnotic rhythm and jazz-inflected melody. Composer J. Johnson delivers a Holst-inspired march entitled "Orion", which is also a joy. Paul Fishman (producer of the album) contributes some of his own impressionistic electronic compositions, which are admittedly old-school but this was the 1970s!
The orchestral segments (conducted by Frank Barber) stand firm, despite the aged production values of the recording.

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