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Wild One, The



Wild One, The (1953)

Leith Stevens, Shorty Rogers 

Released in:

Hillarious Tale Of Morbid Brutality And All Out Anarchy Scored By A Pro!
by a soundtrack collector (April 9, 2006)
From the Stanley Kramer production of "The Wild One" comes a recording of themes composed by Leith Stevens and given the ultimate jazz treatment before being unleased upon the record buying public in 1953!

Originally on Decca 10" vinyl and 45 rpm extended play with a cover offering photographic examples of the sordid mayhem perpertrated on the populace of a small desert town by a gang of near retarded motorcyle punks led by Marlon Brando the recording was given a second release on long play with a jacket cover photo showcasing the delinquent and half crazed star, stone faced and evil eyed!

The line up of musicians performing on this recording amounts to a treasure chest of America's leading and best jazz musicians of the 1950's!

Notable is the participation of saxophonist Jimmy Giuffre who has recorded on many a top knotch offering for more than five decades!

I can only image the cost these days of forming such an array of talent if in fact musicians of such qualifications were still to be found!

A long time classic for film music and jazz enthuthiasts alike! *****

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