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Mr. Lucky



Mr. Lucky (1959)

Henry Mancini 

Released in:

Slick 50's TV Score Part Of A Beautiful Era At RCA!
by a soundtrack collector (March 30, 2006)
From a short lived television series produced by Blake Edwards comes the Henry Mancini music featuring a cocktail hour aura enhancing story of the swinging escapades of jet setting playboy fast with dice, women and cards!

Resulting from the popularity of the "Peter Gunn" recordings produced shortly before it became inevitable the listening public would go for a new batch of themes composed by the man of the hour who suddenly found profound fame and admiration by way of the relatively new electronic marvel called Television!

"Mr. Lucky" recording is cool stuff and more than likely found it's way as background music for many an aspiring swinger attempting to create just the right atmosphere needed in order to get into the panties of the cashier at Woolworth on Saturday night!

Immense popularity led to a second release featuring cha-cha interpretations of the original thematic material!

Anyone hip enough to acquire the second volume, "Mr. Lucky Goes Latin" would certainly get laid as a result of dropping the tone arm on the beautiful black vinyl at just the right moment!

Cha Cha Cha!

RCA continued this new phenomenon with further releases of what became known as "TV Action Jazz" with such notables as "M Squad", "Mike Hammer", "Impact" and "Double Impact"... all offering a powerhouse blast of in-home entertainment that surely challenged the most advanced Hi-Fi Systems! *****

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