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A Doppia Faccia



A Doppia Faccia (1969)

Nora Orlandi (as Joan Christian) 

Released in:

Play this one for Nora
Dorian (August 24, 2005)
A Doppia Faccia is one of those hard-to-find movies of its era which I would really like to have a chance to see today. Knowing its soundtrack is certainly of the main reasons for that.
The music written by Nora Orlandi sets a standard for a late '60's thriller/crime setting. It's mostly based on a beautiful and bit haunting theme which is varied here and there in most of the cues (there's also a vocal version sung by Ms. Orlandi). It's very well arranged for leading instruments like piano, harpsichord, bass, guitar - a stunning arrangement of strummed and picked chords on different instruments after each verse makes it very dynamic despite its slower tempo. Also included is killer organ-driven groovy track "Soho". It sounds so authentic for its era, even more authentic are some occasional sounds heard in the background (for example there's a cough during the first track). There was apparently no much intention to release the music as a soundtrack in 1969.
However it eventually got released, though much later and on different format. The CD came out in 1998 as the last title on Lucertola Media label and was released in a limited pressing of 1000 copies. It's been sold out for a long time and only occasionally a copy appears for sale. Any fan of the '60's crime genre should grab it fast. As the liner notes say, "play this one for Nora".

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