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Duel (1971)

Billy Goldenberg 

Released in:

Very unusual and impressive work,
Alex (June 15, 2006)
Though Spielberg hasn't worked with composer Billy Goldenberg in decades, his score for Spielberg's first (and best if you ask me) feature, "Duel", is a very cool, very impressive soundtrack. Lots of unusual sounds and instruments not normally associated with films like this, namely, bongos and synthesizers, among others, are used quite frequently. The best piece of music is when Dennis Weaver is in the restaurant (the name of this track escapes me) and looks for the trucker's boots, though all the tracks ("Looking for the Cafe" and "Truck Attack" being stand-outs) are really good.
I wish someone would give this soundtrack an OFFICIAL release which unfortuantely as of right now it does not have, because the Goldenberg's score is really cool, unusual, and memorable.
Both the soundtrack and the movie are highly recommended.

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