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Up The Creek



Up The Creek (1984)

William Goldstein 

Released in:

Worth it for the first two tracks - HEART!
by a soundtrack collector (February 9, 2006)
Pretty much your typical 80s rock soundtrack album- by which many bands who were failing out appeared. But we're talking the greats that were disappearing.
Cheap Trick were leaving us, and they supply us with a great theme song to suit a not so great movie.
The other bands give us some great moments too.
The greatest moment on here-for me anyway, is the HEART track titled the "Heat" and a heated song it is indeed. The album is worth it for the heart song alone...any HEART song really.
The fascinating thing is that after the failure of their '83 album, they vanished, and then came back. And in '84 when this album was released, was the only trace left of the band. A great song it is too, and it is a shame their big comeback didn't include more music like this track, as it is more of what they were in their 70's albums.
So anyway, when you happen to be in a music store with used LPs and you run across this soundtrack, give it a try, you might just like it!

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