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Mannix (1967)

Lalo Schifrin (also theme), Kenyon Hopkins, Richard Markowitz 

Released in:

Mannix Score A Swingin' 60's Gift To Junk Store Vinyl Screwballs!
WorkingWithKnives (October 2, 2006)

Mighty fine score recording of music from the late 60's television series (Mannix) scored by Jazz master turned Technicolor hipster Lalo Schifrin!

Original USA vinyl release has a good, cool aura about it not unlike some magical and mysterious root found only on rare occasions in a strange and peculiar land far far away!

The world from which this music and recording came is a lost era in civilized society. To consider that time would be to float into a world of suntan oil smell and bikini clad beauties shortly before the world began going insane and in extreme cases, queer.

Mannix was a cool son of a bitch on American television. At times his influence could be detected in my own Uncle Joe who would occasionally step out in a leasure suit of his own.

The Schifrin score on Paramount records works on many a level. As exciting entertainment whilst indulging in a taste of the afore mentioned root or as stereophonic background for a one night stand in Anaheim, California 1967 swingin' 60's style! *****

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Robert DiMucci

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