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Martin (1978)

Donald Rubinstein, Goblin (Italian version), Claudio Simonetti (Italian version), Maurizio Guarini, Massimo Morante (Italian version) 

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Early Varese Sarabande Release Start Of A Whole New Era Of Home Entertainment!
WorkingWithKnives (October 9, 2006)

This recording marked my first awareness of the newly formed Varese Sarabande label. It is one of their earliest productions and stuck out like a severed arm in record store racks back in the day when many of the American labels were going to hell in a handbag with inferior vinyl pressings of low quality music.

These fella's did it proud with the release of mostly unknown Boston area composer Donald Rubinstein's dreary and low key jazz score for George A. Romero's vampire tragedy "Martin".

I have fond memories of experiencing this recording for the first time. Those memories usually regard a side order of a smoking bowl of good old spiff to accompany
the original and well crafted sounds created by Rubinstein as all flowed well in the air of late 70's USA.

Very seldom were scores from low budget drive-in theatre fair released for in home enjoyment until those son's o' guns at Varese began producing a fine line of strange and unusual motion picture music recordings which riveled anything their foreign label conterparts were up to. *****

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