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Light At The Edge Of The World, The



Light At The Edge Of The World, The (1971)

Piero Piccioni 

Released in:

The Light at the Edge...
Godwin Borg (December 31, 2005)
I saw this film over 2 decades ago but if there is something I can very clearly remember about it is that it has one of the most beautiful soundtracks late Mestro PIERO PICCIONI ever penned. When Italy's GDM Club released the compelte score on CD I thought it was about time someone did it but it was not until this week that I finally layed my hands on this treasure. The music on this disc is definitely among PICCIONI's best, it has a lot of American composers' feel to it (more precisely suspence god BERNARD HERRMANN) but the overall feel remains stictly European. The quality of the music, the solid and very classy arrangements and a really good recording make of this score a very enjoyable listening experience even for those who have not seen this film. Eventhough this score is 35 years old it sounds very contemporary (maybe also because of the current retro wave) and eventhough there is a solid melodic element this is far from being a catchy filmscore, a really beautiful and elegant pieve of music, dynamic on its own terms and highly recomendable for those who enjoy a classic and classy suspence film score! Definitely a full five out of five! Get it now before it's too late. The packaging is typical GDM standard, very neat and very to the point! I like it.

This review is my small tribute to one of Italy's greatest musical geniuses, Rest in Peace Maestro Piccioni. (1921 - 2004)

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