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Chiesa, La



Chiesa, La (1989)

Keith Emerson, Simon Boswell (song "Imagination"), Philip Glass, Goblin, Fabio Pignatelli 

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Emerson's best work, period.
Alex (June 22, 2006)
I really can't say enough about Kieth Emerson andGoblin's score for "The Church". Composed primarily of church organs and then synthesized with electronic effects, it is truly a unique, bizarre, enjoyable listening experience. The music is redundant but effective nonetheless, and it has a hypnotizing, dreamy effect (the first time I watched the movie I fell asleep halfway through--because of the music of course). Some of the best tracks are the Main Theme and "The Church Revisited".
Very hard to track down--and ridiclously expensive--but highly recommended. I wish I could say the same of the movie itself...

Keith Emerson & Goblin craft an excellent score.
by a soundtrack collector (March 16, 2004)
Keith Emerson & Goblin have created a moody & chilling score for Michele Soavi's film La Chiesa. Emerson's pieces rely heavily on the organ, lending a gothic air to the proceedings. Goblin contributes electronic stylings along with Suspiria-style whispering voices. These two different approaches combine to create a pervasive feeling of doom & dread. The only negative aspect of the soundtrack is the horrible track "Go To Hell," a silly little ditty and "The Wire Blaze," a fair song that just doesn't fit alongside the film's background score. This release includes 4 previously unreleased tracks. The new music is really good, fully complementing the rest of the score (excepting the two previously mentioned tracks, of course!!). This is a classic score.

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