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Riverdance (1995)

Bill Whelan 

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Off Of The Charts.....
I got the opportunity to witness the show last night in Savannah,GA. Never have I seen anything as beautiful as this. The "Dance" is a universal lanquage but not everyone can...(Like Me).
RiverDance the music sent chills up and down my spine. The soundtrack that I bought home has been played over and over since last night.
This is for everyone that enjoys beautiul music.

Irish Dancer
I've been an Irish dancer for two years and when i tell people i Irish dance, the first word they say is "Riverdance" I must say i do not take offense. THis a great show and the music is superb. I think all the songs, instrumental and vocal are truly inspirational amd relfect the Irish culture very well.

"Modern Celtic" with a twist
Well, out of the three Irish Shows (Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, and Feet of Flames) I'm afraid this one ends up last, even though it is still pretty good. Some of the songs are almost a mix between celtic and other types of music and thus the essence of the irish music is lost(wouldn't you buy the CD for that reason?)and therefore this one is last (buy Lord of the Dance instead! MUCH BETTER!)
Reel Around the Sun:the best song on the CD and captures the essence of irish music! PERFECT!
The Heart's Cry:a pretty bad vocal that I always skip
The Countess Cathleen/Women of the Sidhe:probably tied for second on my best song list, the first half is really pretty, while the second half has alot of energy to it!
Caoineadh Cu Chulainn (Lament):a very generic irish song and rather boring
Shivna:kind of strange lyrical song in another language (gaelic?) and not the best of songs...
Firedance:a mix of Celtic and Spanish music that tends to get better as the song progresses
Slip into Spring: pretty and uplifting, but not memorable
Riverdance:the title track, and thus one of the best, once you get past the vocal at the beginning it just gets more and more enjoyable!
American Wake (THe Nova Scotia Set):honestly this song has nothing to do with the title, it's very uplifting and beautiful, and just all around great!
Lift the Wings:tolerable vocals and great lyrics
Macedonian Morning:almost a waste of space, generic and hardly mermerable
Marta's Dance/The Russian Dervish:a mix of Celtic and Russian music, different but repetative near the end so much you just want to bite off your nails!
Andalucia:what seems to be another mix of celtic and another style of music, just blurs together with the other songs
Home and the Heartland:annoying vocal that only has to be skipped..
The Harvest:very pretty and uplifting but again, blurs into the rest of the music without so much as a memory
Riverdance Remix:just what the title suggests
Overall, most of these songs blur together and are hardly memorable on there own and could never stand alone, but make a nice collection for any "modern celtic" fan

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