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Lion King, The



Lion King, The (1994)

Hans Zimmer, Elton John (songs), Tim Rice (lyrics), Lebo M. (additional music) 

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One of the best pieces off all time
by a soundtrack collector (May 15, 2004)
In this work, Hans Zimmer really show that he is a good composer. One of his characteristics is the use of lots of percussion grooves in the background, that gives motion to the song. He also uses little details that gives pleasure to hear with eyes closed. In this soundtrack, the songs are based in a africa context, witch is compatible with his natural composing (like percussions!). This movie is a little bit of sentimental, just to be ironic. It envolves deaths, lonelyness and danger. In the soundtrack CD, there is only 4 songs that are from original score. They are arranged in order of appearance in the film. To understand the feelings Zimmer gives to us, you have to see the movie, and see why the ambience of the music is like it is. After seeing the movie 3 times, you can actually hear the songs and see 'flashes' of the scenes.
After listening and beeing totally touched and involved with this masterpiece, can't you even try to not ask you're self - "are you sure that most of this is played only on the keyboards??"

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