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Saw (2004)

Charlie Clouser 

Released in:

Fiercly raw and grueling score!
Alex (June 15, 2006)
"Saw" is a truly great and intense film, scary and raw while also boasting a message both haunting, cautionary, and meaningful.
Charlie Clouser's score captures the atmosphere of the film and refuses to let go. His music is bleak and atmospheric to the max, with strong dark ambient tracks like "Hello Adam" and "Last I Heard...". "Reverse Beartrap" is a downright awesome, hard-driving industrial track that grabs you by the throat, and the best piece of music on the album, "Hello Zepp/Zepp Overature" is a great piece that perfectly intensifies the pinnacle moment of the film--the incredibly awesome ending--and runs with it.
Very impressive work. I wasn't a big fan of the bands on the disk (not really my type of music), but the industrial soundtrack is definitely some fine stuff.
No horror enthusiast or soundtrack buff's collection is complete without Clouser's score for "Saw" sitting on their shelf.
Highly recommended.

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