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Ragazza Di Bube, La



Ragazza Di Bube, La (1963)

Carlo Rustichelli 

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Composer of beautiful music succeeds with...
Dorian (June 23, 2005)
The 1963 adaptation of Carlo Cassola's novel LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE (starring Claudia Cardinale) was scored by the writer's namesake, Carlo Rustichelli. Personally I think it's a shame that Rustichelli's name doesn't appear in the forefront of the Italian composers' Hall Of Fame - with so many memorable works he would deserve that.

The score opens with gentle saxes playing a gentle Bube theme. Except for the short twist "Liberazione", most of the selections of the whole score are variations of this and other repetitive themes. What they have in common is their quietness and their beauty. They show the loneliness, the separation, the melancholy. What I must commend is the arrangement of the instruments, which include guitar, piano, saxes, accordion, others. Each one has its moments there.
The last two cues on the CD are not composed by Carlo Rustichelli, and although they use different themes, they suit well to the soundtrack mood. LA RAGAZZA DI BUBE is a work no fan of beauty chamber-music should miss !

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