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Diamonds Are Forever



Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

John Barry 

Released in:

One Of The Better Bond Scores
timdalton007 (August 31, 2008)
If there is a bright spot in the nearly disastrous Diamonds Are Forever, it is John Barry's score. The score is never played for laughs and perfectly suits the films Las Vegas location and helps to add some much needed tension to the film, particularly in the climb outside the Whtye House. The score does have its moments of lacking. The music for the Moon Buggy chase is not well suited to the chase and the over use of a action theme that starts in the teaser and goes right trough to the end of the film becomes tiresome. Also, some of the score takes a lot from earlier ones (the Moon Buggy chase sounding like the Gypsy girl fight in From Russia With Love and the music accompanying the various attacks by Blofeld's satellite sounds like the space march from You Only Live Twice). But overall it remains one of the overall best Bond scores with its use of both the James Bond Theme and the 007 theme.

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