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Casino Royale



Casino Royale (2006)

David Arnold 

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When do the 007 movies get a worthy composer?
Mark van Vollenhoven (June 1, 2008)
I know it has been a while since John Barry did his last composing on the series, but that was the last truly great soundtrack we did have on the 007 series. After a great cd on which David Arnold did update some great songs from 007 history he got the job on the series. While his previous efforts where basicly J. Barry rewrites with a dance beat of drum and bass approach he did fail to deliver an original thought.
Now CR came that was to break the series rythem so far and would give Arnold all the chances in the world to finaly deliver his version of 007ness. Did he take that chance...........NOT REALLY. In fact the best bit is once more a remake of the famous 007 theme as arranged by J. Barry.
The rest of the soundtrack works well with the movie but when listened alone it fails to stand alone. Arnold fails to deliver a decent theme of his own he does some nice stuff with the music from titlesong, which is really no improvement on Madonna's previous titlesong. David Arnold should be ashamed not taking grasp of the music from the series with this new re-imaging of the series.
It is time for him to step aside and let somebody who does have a original bone in his body take the reigns and give the 007 its iconic place back upon the Soundtrack stage.
Untill then I'll stick with my J. Barry collection that is James Bond Plus.

Best Bond Score In Ages!
timdalton007 (November 20, 2006)
Casino Royale is the best Bodn film yet and it seems befitting that David Arnold should produce his best Bond score yet and one of the best Bond score ever for this film.

Gone is the electronic effects that hampered and nearly ruined the Arnold scores for The World Is Not Enough and Die Another Day. Back in this score is the full force of an orchestra. Even though the James Bond Theme doesn't appear until the very end of the film, it still makes cameos throughout the film at all the right moments.

Arnold also creates a new love theme for the Vesper Lynd character. While the love theme contaisn echoes of the failed Jinx theme from Die Another Day, Arnold improves upon that piece imennsily and creates a stiriing and even toughing piece of music.

The film's main title theme "You Know My Name" by Chris Cornell is a welcome relief from Madonna's "Die Another Day" and some of the bad Bond theme songs from the last few films. Cornell is a darn good singer and the rock style of "You Know My Name" brings echoes of "Live And Let Die",a classic in its own right. Coupled witht he fact that Arnold makes some good use of it in the score makes it perhaps the best Bond theme song in twenty-one years.

Arnold proved he was the sucessor to John Barry with Tomorrow Never Dies. While the last couple of his scores have made too much use of electronics, Arnold redems himself. By bringing orchestra back to the fore-front, the Arnold score for this film is a stirring and epic score that could rival the great Barry scores.

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