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Can anyone tell me about this Record Company called Cimmerian Records?

I order a Cosmos 2 CD set from them 2 months back and the item got lost in transit from South America (They are based there) Any I filed a PayPal claim and about a month ago I got my money back. But they send a 2nd CD to replace the one that got lost AFTER I got my money back and now he requires payment which I have no intention paying him because the company didn't even contact me if I wanted another CD after the first fiasco. Has anyone had similar problems with Cimmerian Records..Comments anyone?

jgoldbergmk5, August 17, 2013; 8:17 PM


Well, Cimmerian Records "produces" and sells bootlegs.

milio.latimer, August 18, 2013; 12:08 AM

They are bootleggers. Buyer beware.

riotengine, November 25, 2013; 9:03 PM

Argentina? lol
Sounds like someone who used to post over at FSM.

johnhjohnson, December 30, 2013; 11:46 PM

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