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Peter Gabriel - BIRDY (1984) soundtrack question.

Hi there! I have just rediscovered this soundtrack. But I have a question: Many of the cues
on the soundtrack appear to be different than they are in the movie. For instance, the
Gabriel track Under Lock and Key which plays over the End Credits over the film appears on
the soundtrack as much shorter, and not nearly as good. I have found out that this track is
derived from a piece on a Gabriel album (solo No. 4) called Wallflower. I have also found
this full track on YouTube - written as UnderLockandKey. But it is not on the soundtrack
album, which leads me to think that the YouTuber must have burnt it directly off the film
somehow. Does anybody know if there is a version of the Birdy soundtrack which exactly
matches the film available somewhere or somehow? Otherwise Birdy is a great Alan Parker
movie. Thanks & best wishes from Dan.

DannyBowes, August 25, 2013; 5:23 PM

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