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How many soundtracks you own in your collection?

with me I have around 180.

deadpoolmax1, October 11, 2015; 4:41 PM


Many members keep track of their collection on this site. So you can find out yourself by
checking their profile.

hellomike, October 11, 2015; 10:11 PM

More than a thousand, but I am going to cut back to not more than 500. So if you want to add to your collection, I have more than 500 available, including both rare and common titles.

betenoir, October 13, 2015; 4:10 PM

I have almost 1300 soundtracks in my collection (digital only included). Also trying to cut back but find it very hard to do so :). I buy less soundtracks than I used to, and often times it's an upgrade (rereleases with more music and better sound), so my collection isn't expanding as fast as few years ago.

erikvantholt, October 16, 2015; 11:38 AM

For several years, I was collecting scores on vinyl (all formats), but the hobby soon grew way too expensive. So I sold around 3.000 of my 3.500 records (but I digitized them first so I still have - not own - them). Actually I own about 200 CDs (mostly compilations) and 700 vinyl soundtracks, the rest is in my digital collection.
Well, I still "miss" the good old vinyl, but that's another point...

mister_gs, October 31, 2015; 12:08 AM

I have several thousand recordings, many are film music related. I began buying
soundtrack recordings in 1979. My most recent addition is a 1967 Australian LP
on the Festival label of Dr. Dolittle with a laminated cover and insert in pristine

victoravalentine, November 4, 2015; 6:38 AM

I have catalogued around 19.600 (Vinyl, CD mostly, not too much CD-R, I prefer original), and pending to catalog over 1.000. And I still haven't started to catalog the digital-only releases (legit releases bought, sessions and similar stuff), which may be around 1.200 more. Now I'm getting rid of a few ones.

strk_freak, March 21, 2016; 12:01 PM

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