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Cult ex Yugoslavian sci fi film soundtrack

Hi all,

You might be interested in first release on a new label from Croatia.


Artist: Tomislav Simovic
Title: Visitors from the Galaxy
Label: Fox & His Friends
Cat no: FOX001LP
Format: Vinyl
Distribution: Clone
File under: Electronic, Soundtrack
Release date: March 01st 2017

Buy here:

FOX001LP / Socialist science-fiction classic Visitors from the Galaxy aka Gosti iz galaksije / Soundtrack by Tomislav Simovic / First ever electronic score from ex-Yugoslavia / From original master tapes

This rare piece of ex-yu socialist electronica was considered lost. Composed by famed Croatian artist Tomislav Simovic for the Dusan Vukotic's 1981 sci-fi extravaganza Visitors from the Galaxy aka Gosti iz galaksije which included men with breasts, beautiful alien heroine and Jan Svankmajer monster on killing spree, it is now found and published by Fox & His Friends label team. This gatefold limited LP release on 180g vinyl includes soundtrack cut from the original master tapes restored by Paul Alexander from Cedar Audio Ltd., extensive liner notes in English by Zeljko Luketic and Irena Paulus, new artwork insert spread with film set photographs and colour poster starring alien heroine Andra. Design by Ivan Antunovic aka Nieuw NDG. Digital transfer by Viseslav Labos. Mastered by Miroslav Piskulic.

Fox & His Friends is run by Leri Ahel (worldwide syndicated Mutant Disco Radio Show) and Zeljko Luketic (Electronic Jugoton, Ex Yu Electronica III, Borderline Music). We release music without genre boundaries, discover rare, obscure and forgotten stuff, the sounds that have timeless value, both contemporary and vintage.

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Fox&HisFriends / Leri

fox.friends.hq, March 5, 2017; 10:00 PM


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