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1492 Conquest of Paradise

I have been searching for many years for the complete score of this movie -
not the bootleg from Andromeda or the equivalent being presented here (Off
World Music OW M9905) that have both of them sound parasites. Between
2009 and 2011 there was an ad of the complete score at
which referred to disks being sold from ebay. I lost the opportunity to buy it
but I am almost certain it was not bootleg this time.If someone has bought
this clean disc or knows someone who bought it please let me know. If
anyone knows a sales outlet of this cd so much the better. I have no
intention of copying the disk piratically - I clarify it. I just want to hear it
because it struck me a lot since my childhood! I am willing to negotiate the
price of the disk in reasonable terms from anyone who owns it. If there are
also other interested parties with me I invite you to send a joint letter to the
producer of the complete score or the composer (Vangelis) for the
reproduction of it. Thanks in advance.

mpanatsias, December 2, 2017; 6:44 PM

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