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Selling of Part of My Collection

Here there is the list of the Cd's that I sell. In addition to this list, I'm
also selling more Cd's that you can check in the following links:





All prices of the Cd's (FSM and E-bay) are negotiable, and discounts
can be made according to the quantity of Cd's bought. This is my e-

Unsealed Cds

3$ Mr. & Mrs. Bridge (Richard Robbins)
5$ Last Man Standing (Ry Cooder) SOLD
5$ Copland Conducts Copland
5$ Summer & Smoke (Elmer Bernstein)
5$ Mad, Dog and Glory (Elmer Bernstein)
5$ Dances with Wolves (John Barry) Sony Legacy SOLD
5$ Korngold Orchestral Works 3 CPO
5$ Korngold Symphony in F Sharm Major
5$ Heifetz (Korngold/Rózsa/Waxman) RCA Victor SOLD
6$ Peyton Place (Franz Waxman) RCA SOLD
6$ The Unforgiven (Dimitri Tiomkin) Tsunami
7$ Between Two Worlds (Korngold) SOLD
7$ The Sons of Katie Elder (Elmer Bernstein) Tsunami SOLD
8$ Celos (José Nieto)
8$ Tonka (Gabriel Yared)
8$ Cefalonia (Ennio Morricone)
8$ Il Fiore delle Mille e una Notte (Ennio Morricone)
8$ Vidocq (Bruno Coulais)
8$ La Guerre des Boutons (Klaus Badelt)
8$ Elektra (Christophe Beck) Promo Full Score Cardboard SOLD
8$ The Valley of Gwangi The Classic Film Music of Jerome Moross
8$ The Cardinal The Classic Film Music of Jerome Moross
9$ The Bourne Legacy (James Newton Howard)
10$ Palermo Milano Solo Andata (Pino Donaggio) 1rst. Edition
10$ Giovanni Falcone (Pino Donaggio)
10$ Sahara (Ennio Morricone)
10$ Karol the Man Who Became Pope (Ennio Morricone)
10$ Sound of Sky Crawlers (Kenji Kawai) no OBI
10$ Raintree Country (John Green) Preamble SOLD
10$ Friends & Lovers (Emilio Kauderer)
10$ Descente aux Enfers (Georges Delerue) SOLD
10$ Rich in Love (Georges Delerue)
10$ To Kill a Priest (Georges Delerue) Music Box SOLD
10$ The Fall of Roman Empire (Dimitri Tiomkin) CNA
10$ Zulu Dawn (Elmer Bernstein) Cerberus
10$ Violanta (Korngold)
10$ Around the World in 80 Days (Victor Young) MCA
10$ King Kong (Max Steiner) Southern Cross
15$ Flicka Signed by Composer (Aaron Zigman)
15$ The Kentuckian (Bernard Herrmann) Preamble
15$ The Ten Commandments (Elmer Bernstein) Falcon
15$ Curly Sue (Georges Delerue)
15$ Magic Fire (Erich Wolfgang Korngold)
20$ Mrs. Winterbourne Signed by Composer (Patrick Doyle)
20$ Wavelength (Tangerine Dream) Varčse
20$ La Via degli Angeli (Riz Ortolani)
20$ Agnes of God (Georges Delerue)
20$ Genocide (Elmer Bernstein)
20$ Knight Rider (Stu Phillips) SOLD
25$ Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia / The Killer Elite (Jerry
Fielding) Entrada
25$ Dragonslayer (Alex North) 784/2000
25$ Body Heat (John Barry) 880/2000
25$ Jerry Fielding Film Music Vol. 3 1025/1500
30$ I Banchieri di Dio (Pino Donaggio)
30$ The Fall of the Roman Empire (Dimitri Tiomkin) Varčse
30$ North of Hollywood Classic Records
30$ L'Incorrigible (Georges Delerue)
30$ Thibaud the Crusader (Georges Delerue) Prometheus
35$ Russia's War (Stanislas Syrewicz)
35$ Three Kings (Carter Burwell)
40$ Moonfleet (Miklós Rózsa)
50$ La Revolution Française (Georges Delerue) Disques Cinemusique
50$ Lethal Weapon (Michael Kamen) 962/3000
60$ Coma 2-cd (Jerry Goldsmith) FSM

Here you find the prices of the unsealed Cd's shipping without jewel

2$ 1-2CD 3$ 3-7CD 6$ 8-16CD 7$ 16-UPCD
3$ 1-2CD 8$ 3-7CD 14$ 8-16CD 22$ 16-UPCD
5$ 1-2CD 12$ 3-7CD 23$ 8-16CD 39$ 16-UPCD

If you want to include the jewel case, the price of the shipping is the
same of the sealed Cd's (detailed below).

Sealed Cd's

5$ Treesong (John Williams)
10$ Les Sables Mouvants (Vladimir Cosma)
10$ Agente Logan Mission Ypotron (Nino Fidenco)
10$ Blueberry (Jean-Jacques Hertz & François Roy) SOLD
10$ Odia il Prossimo Tuo (Robby Poitevin)
10$ I Sell the Dead (Jeff Grace)
10$ No-Do (Alfons Conde)
10$ Giant (Dimitri Tiomkin) Capitol
10$ La Scorta (Ennio Morricone)
10$ The Crow (Graeme Revell)
10$ The Skulls (Randy Edelman)
15$ 'O Patrone d'O Cane (Carlo Siliotto)
15$ I Lunghi i Giorni della Vendetta (Armando Trovaioli)
15$ Let's Get Harry (Brad Fidel)
15$ Blind Date (Stanley Myers)
20$ Not with My Wife, You Don't (John Williams)
20$ Penelope (John Williams) SOLD
20$ Crossed Swords (Maurice Jarre)
20$ Batman (Nelson Riddle) FSM
20$ Shot in the heart (Jan A.P. Kaczmarek)
20$ In Cold Blood (Hummie Mann)
20$ The Avengers (Joel McNeely)
20$ Invitation au Voyage (Gabriel Yared)
25$ Diane (Miklós Rózsa)
25$ Invitation (Bronislau Kaper)
25$ Jericho (Jerry Goldsmith)
25$ Ripley's Game (Ennio Morricone)
25$ The Masque of the Red Death (David Lee)
30$ The Home of Dark Butterflies (Panu Aaltio)
30$ Zig Zag (Oliver Nelson)
30$ Bell, Book and Candle (George During)
30$ 633 Squadron (Ron Goodwin) SOLD
30$ The Spiral Road (Jerry Goldsmith)
30$ Rent-a-Cop (Jarry Goldsmith)
30$ Dragonslayer (Alex North) La-la-land
30$ Blue (Manos Hadjidakis)
30$ The Day Time Ended / The Dungeonmaster (Richard Band)
35$ Lifeforce (Michael Kamen)
35$ Butch & Sundance (Basil Poledouris)
35$ Freud (Jerry Goldsmith)
40$ Green Mansions (Bronislau Kaper)
40$ Lord Jim (Bronislau Kaper)
40$ Music for Television (Laurence Rosenthal)
40$ Doc Martin (Colin Towns)
40$ Land of the Pharaohs (Dimitri Tiomkin)
40$ The Sea Wolf (Charles Bernstein)
50$ Mad, Mod & Macabre the Ronald Stein Collection
50$ The Green Berets (Miklós Rózsa)
50$ The Quiller Memorandum (John Barry)
60$ The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Vol. 3 (Jerry Goldsmith) SOLD
60$ Peggy Sue God Married (John Barry) expanded
100$ Masada (Jerry Goldsmith) Intrada SOLD
100$ Island at the Top of the World (Maurice Jarre)

Here you find the prices of the sealed Cd's shipping.

3$ 1-4CD 6$ 5-9CD 7$ 9-UPCD
7$ 1-4CD 14$ 5-9CD 22$ 9-UPCD
11$ 1-4CD 23$ 5-9CD 39$ 9-UPCD

Thanks for your consideration,

Jordi Fortes

jfortesss, May 12, 2018; 9:15 AM


The collection may have featured many important parts

dorthywaun, November 17, 2020; 1:16 PM

Thanks a lot for sharing. I will try and visit.

timothyback22211, December 27, 2020; 5:34 PM

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