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J. GOLDSMITH ON COVER New french Book !

Hi friends !

I am pleased to announce a new book about film music for french readers : PETITES HISTOIRES DES GRANDES MUSIQUES DE FILMS (Short Stories of the Great Film Scores). This 300 pages volume presents a selec-tion of the best film scores of the 20th century (357 titles, over 150 composers and 600 films mentioned) with rare photos and extracts from personal interviews or biographies of composers, directors, producers, actors, etc.

Also featuring unpublished photos of Jerry Goldsmith, Francis Lai, Ennio Morricone, Maurice Jarre, Lalo Schifrin, Michael Kamen, George Fenton, Philippe Sarde and many more !
Enjoy !

Le livre comprend d’innombrables extraits d’interviews et de biographies traduites pour la première fois en français.

Available on and Amazon worldwide.

Video clip of the content :

rapidow, December 21, 2018; 11:43 AM


Thank you for the book about French Great Film Scores.
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alvinrreforma, March 26, 2019; 12:28 PM

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