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Is there a list of E Morricone soundtracks without CD ? (Exple : The scarlet and the

j.castaing, June 19, 2019; 8:44 AM


There was not such a list, but I tried to make one. I think I covered most of them.

- Autostop Rosso Sangue
- Attenti al buffone
- La chiave
- La Cuccagna
- La Voglia Matta
- I due evasi di Sing Sing
- Labbra di luridio blu
- Todo Modo
- I Marziani hanno 12 mani
- I Motorizzati
- Banditi a Roma
- The Scarlet and the Black
- L 'uomo proiettile
- La ragazza e il generale

Some titles have no released music at all. The mastertapes are lost in most cases. Or the working title was different than the release title. I that case the tapes are in some studio, but nobody knows what it is... There is also a bunch of tapes at the RAI studio's for tv films/ series by Alberto Negrin. (Mi ricordo Anna Frank) Labels have tried to buy the tapes but the RAI want too much money.
All the best from Holland, Sijbold Tonkens

s.tonkens, June 21, 2019; 2:47 PM

Thank you Sijbold.

A very good answer for a good question !!!

j.castaing, June 23, 2019; 2:27 PM

One title less on the list; La Chiave!

chris, October 28, 2019; 11:03 PM

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