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Grimm (2011)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Richard Marvin

Released in:

United States

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La-La Land Records LLLCD 1278

La-La Land Records LLLCD 1278  

Original Release Title
Season 1 & 2 
United States 
Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  GRIMM: Main Title (Season 1) (00:14)
2.  GRIMM: Main Title (Season 2) (00:33)
3.  Organ Grinder: Buying Gallbladder (01:52)
4.  Game Ogre: How to Kill an Ogre (04:21)
5.  Beeware: Call of the Wild (03:04)
6.  The Kiss: Juliette Wakes Up (03:03)
7.  Danse Macabre: Tracking Billy (02:32)
8.  The Three Bad Wolves: Beaver Morph (00:35)
9.  Goodnight Sweet Grimm: Never Stopped Loving (02:09)
10.  Let Your Hair Down: Goofs in Car (00:42)
11.  Goodnight Sweet Grimm: Zombie Attacks Nick (03:22)
12.  Mr. Sandman: What Kind of Spice Shop (01:47)
13.  Last Grimm Standing: Monroe Cage Fight (07:14)
14.  The Kiss: Renard Takes Potion (02:05)
15.  Goodnight Sweet Grimm: Flies with Names (01:26)
16.  Bad Teeth: FBI Agent Killed (04:54)
17.  Bad Teeth: Bad Teeth / Kelly (04:41)
18.  The Kiss: Nick Awakes and Arrives Home (01:26)
19.  The Good Shepherd: Confronting Calvin (02:47)
20.  Of Mouse and Men: Quarry Fight (03:38)
21.  Season of the Hexenbiest: Renard Looks for Key (01:39)
22.  Natural Born Wesen: Bank Shoot Out (01:56)
23.  Natural Born Wesen: Key Necklace (01:45)
24.  Natural Born Wesen: Juliette Answers Phone (01:43)
25.  Goodnight Sweet Grimm: Voodoo in Trunk (01:23)
26.  The Waking Dead: Reconnecting (02:12)
27.  Last Grimm Standing: Renardís Revenge / Nick Cage Fight (06:05)
28.  Goodnight Sweet Grimm: Nick Vs. The Baron (07:18)
29.  GRIMM: End Credits (00:33)

Total Duration: 01:16:59
Track listing contributed by Ivan Sorokin

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