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Mark Snow Collection, The Volume 2 - Femmes Fatales

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Mark Snow Collection, The Volume 2 - Femmes Fatales



Mark Snow Collection, The Volume 2 - Femmes Fatales (2018)

Compilation Album Composer(s):
Mark Snow

Released in:

United States

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Dragon's Domain Records DDR646  

United States 
Release Date

Limited edition of 500 copies.

Also contains music from:
 Caroline At Midnight
 Seduced And Betrayed

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  Track listing

1.  Main Title (03:38)
2.  Phil Checks Out/Memories of Caroline/Graveyard (04:03)
3.  The Accident/Accident Report (02:17)
4.  Joey’s End/The Morning After (01:59)
5.  Nightmare (01:12)
6.  Victoria’s Story (03:11)
7.  Evidence/Phone Call (03:20)
8.  Interlude (02:54)
9.  Bathroom Fun/Burning Cop Car/Ray’s Return (04:38)
10.  Time to Say Goodbye (01:33)
11.  The End of Ray (04:05)
12.  Victoria’s Confession/End Credits (07:29)
Tracks 1-12: CAROLINE AT MIDNIGHT (1994)
13.  Main Title (02:31)
14.  Lucky Me/Back Home (03:10)
15.  By The Pool/Want to Take a Shower? (02:51)
16.  Ice Cubes/Dan to the Rescue (02:25)
17.  The Necklace/The Dark House (03:02)
18.  The Seduction (02:34)
19.  Failing The Exam/Seduced Again (03:46)
20.  Searching the House (02:00)
21.  Child Protective Services/Missing Children/Victoria’s Fatal Attaction (02:35)
22.  Hit and Run/No One Ever Leaves Me (02:08)
23.  Victoria’s Madness (05:35)
24.  The End Of Victoria/End Credits (02:41)
Tracks 13-24: SEDUCED AND BETRAYED (1995)

Total Duration: 01:15:37
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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