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I Villani (2018)

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Jazz Engine

Jazz Engine  

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  Track listing

1.  Acqua ca nu leva sete (03:39)
by Marco Messina & Sacha Ricci
2.  Blues per il benessere delle vacche (01:17)
by Alessandro Mannarino, Marco Bardoscia & Ernesto Nobili
3.  Blues per Modesto (01:27)
by Davide Della Monica
4.  E lu munnu č na pinsata (06:13)
by Salvatore Fundarņ
5.  La scopa (00:55)
by Marco Messina & Sacha Ricci (feat. Marco Bardoscia & Ernesto Nobili)
6.  Militanza (feat. Daniele Sepe) (01:21)
by Marco Messina & Sacha Ricci (feat. Daniele Sepe)
7.  Pasta Dub (02:40)
by Marco Messina & Sacha Ricci (feat. Ernesto Nobili)

Total Duration: 00:17:32
Track listing contributed by jordan.tokuscope

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