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Adventures In Paradise



Adventures In Paradise (1959)

Television Show/Movie/Series Composer(s):
Henry Mancini
Lionel Newman (theme song)
Dorcas Cochran (theme song)
Daniele Amfitheatrof (uncredited)
David Buttolph (uncredited)
Paul Baron (uncredited)
Sidney Cutner (uncredited)
Sammy Fain (uncredited)
Ben DiTosti (uncredited)
Hugo Friedhofer (uncredited)
Irving Gertz (uncredited)
Herschel Burke Gilbert (uncredited)
Leigh Harline (uncredited)
Michael Heindorf (uncredited)
Jean Paul Guilbert (uncredited)
Bernard Herrmann (uncredited)
Sol Kaplan (uncredited)
Lani Kai (uncredited)
Leo Klatzkin (uncredited)
Shelly Manne (uncredited)
Eddie Lund (uncredited)
Cyril Mockridge (uncredited)
Joseph Mullendore (uncredited)
Lloyd Martin (uncredited)
Alfred Newman (uncredited)
Alex North (uncredited)
David Raksin (uncredited)
Paul Sawtell (uncredited)
Bert Shefter (uncredited)
Alfred Perry (uncredited)
Max Steiner (uncredited)
Franz Waxman (uncredited)
Tautahi (uncredited)
Bobby Troup (uncredited)
Harry Warren (non-original music; song; uncredited)
Victor Young (non-original music; uncredited)

Released in:

United States

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ABC-Paramount ABC 329 Image supplied by

ABC-Paramount ABC 329  

Release Date

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  Track listing

1.  Adventures In Paradise (02:27)
The Islanders
2.  Ka-Lu-A (03:25)
Alfred Apaka
3.  The Moon Of Manakoora (03:41)
Roy Smeck
4.  Vahine Taumotu (02:23)
Terorotua And His Tahitians
5.  Isle Of Samoa (02:24)
The Islanders
6.  Harbor Lights (03:11)
Alfred Apaka
7.  Tahitian Nights (02:21)
The Islanders
8.  Blue Hawaii (03:33)
Alfred Apaka
9.  Paradise (02:25)
Roy Smeck
10.  Paoa (02:11)
Terorotua And His Tahitians
11.  Pagan Love Song (02:39)
The Islanders
12.  My Isle Of Golden Dreams (03:00)
Roy Smeck

Total Duration: 00:33:40
Track listing contributed by mister_gs

MCA Time Life Music HPD-39  

United States 
Release Date

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