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Esther Waters



Esther Waters (1948)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Gordon Jacob

Released in:

Great Britain

Also known as:
  • Sin of Esther Waters (1948, Great Britain)

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Compilation Albums

Pearl GEM 0141 Image supplied by
Michael Steele

Pearl GEM 0141  

Great Britain 
Release Date

Also contains music from:
 First Of The Few, The
 Chronicle History Of King Henry The Fift With His Battell At Agincourt In France, The
 Desert Victory
 Matter Of Life And Death, A
 This Man Is Mine
 Sleeping Car To Trieste
 Rake's Progress, The
 Wanted For Murder
 Hungry Hill
 Loves Of Joanna Godden, The
 Woman Hater
 Weaker Sex, The
 So Long At The Fair

This label refers to the following compilation album:
 British Film Music Vol. 3

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Collection: 13
Wish list: 2

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  Track listing

1.  Spitfire Prelude (04:13)
The First Of The Few (William Walton)
2.  Spitfire Fugue (04:14)
The First Of The Few (William Walton)
3.  Theme from the concerto (03:57)
Spellbound (Miklos Rozsa)
4.  The Death of Falstaff (02:52)
Henry V (William Walton)
5.  Touch her soft lips and part (01:54)
Henry V (William Walton)
6.  The Saga of Odette (04:03)
Odette (Anthony Collins)
7.  March (03:18)
Desert Victory (William Alwyn)
8.  Prelude (04:12)
A Matter Of Life And Death (Stairway To Heaven in USA) (Allan Gray)
9.  Theme (04:18)
This Man Is Mine (Allan Gray)
10.  Sleeping Car Train (01:44)
Sleeping Car To Trieste (Benjamin Frankel)
11.  Waltz (01:42)
Sleeping Car To Trieste (Benjamin Frankel)
12.  Calypso (03:54)
The Rake's Progress (William Alwyn)
13.  A Voice in the Night (04:24)
Wanted For Murder (Mischa Spoliansky)
14.  Waltz into Jig (04:11)
Hungry Hill (John Greenwood)
15.  Derby Day 1886 (03:12)
Esther Waters (Gordon Jacob)
16.  Romney Marsh / Joanna Godden / Sheepshearing / Farm work / The Fair / Martin drowned at Dungeness (04:12)
The Loves Of Joanna Godden (Vaughan Williams)
17.  Ellen & Harry Trevor / Adoption of motherless lamb / burning of the sheep / Reunion (04:27)
The Loves Of Joanna Godden (Vaughan Williams)
18.  People In Love (01:40)
Woman Hater (Lambert Williamson)
19.  Dinner at Lady Datchett's (01:14)
Woman Hater (Lambert Williamson)
20.  Victory Parade Montage (01:16)
The Weaker Sex (Arthur Wilkinson)
21.  London Scene (01:34)
The Weaker Sex (Arthur Wilkinson)
22.  Carriage & Pair . . . Long Forgotten Melody (03:45)
So Long At The Fair (Benjamin Frankel)

Total Duration: 01:10:16
Track listing contributed by Michael Steele

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