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R-Type Delta

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R-Type Delta (2004)

Haruhiko Kuroiwa
Eisaku Nambu
Hirosi Ebihara
Keiji Ueki

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Scitron, Pony Canyon PCCB-00359  

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Collection: 8
Wish list: 4

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  Track listing

1.  R-Type Delta Image Theme (04:31)
2.  R-Type Delta Arrange Version Ending (Peace) (02:51)
3.  Opening (00:31)
4.  Ship Select (03:45)
5.  Stage 1 (Crazy Machine) (03:55)
6.  Stage 2 (Fantastic) Mid-Air (05:49)
7.  Stage 2 (Fantastic) Underwater (05:49)
8.  Stage 3 (Great Attack) (05:52)
9.  Stage 4 (Corrosion) (04:54)
10.  Stage 5 (Wickedness) (05:04)
11.  Stage 6 (Awakening) (04:46)
12.  Stage 7 (Fate) (05:05)
13.  Boss (Animal Type) (05:19)
14.  Boss (Mecha Type) (05:53)
15.  Last Boss (04:09)
16.  Stage Clear (00:10)
17.  Ending (Escape) (00:37)
18.  Ending (Silence) (01:05)
19.  Ending (Peace) (00:56)
20.  Continue (00:33)
21.  Game Over (00:14)
22.  Sound Effects Collection (01:36)

Total Duration: 01:13:24
Track listing contributed by Shawn Watson

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