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Lucky Number Slevin



Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Joshua Ralph (as J. Ralph)

Released in:

United States

Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller

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Rumor Mill Records RMR011-80125 Image supplied by
Mark Hammon

Rumor Mill Records RMR011-80125  

United States 
Release Date

Exclusive to Barnes & Noble stores.

Other information
Members who have this label in their:
Collection: 34
Wish list: 8

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  Track listing

1.  Flute Opening (01:22)
2.  It All Starts with a Horse (01:22)
3.  Horse Falls (02:00)
4.  Epic Goodkat (01:09)
5.  I Know This Man (01:23)
6.  Bad Things in Threes (01:49)
7.  A Photo of Smith (01:05)
8.  Slevin Arrives (01:06)
9.  Meet the Rabbi (02:51)
10.  Chess Match (02:41)
11.  Restaurant Date (04:44)
12.  "Shanty by the Sea" (00:48)
13.  After Laughter (Comes Tears) (03:02)
Performed By Wendy Rene
14.  Killing the Fairy (01:47)
15.  Coshing the Rabbi (02:24)
16.  In Dreams, Perhaps (04:43)
Performed By O Yuki Conjugate
17.  Wrapup, Pt. 3 (03:47)
18.  Fub (02:31)
19.  "Kansas City Shuffle" (04:02)
20.  Wild Harp (00:42)

Total Duration: 00:45:18
Track listing contributed by Patrick Pomerleau

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