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Hunting Party, The

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Hunting Party, The (2007)

Motion Picture Composer(s):
Rolfe Kent

Released in:

United States

Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller

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Lakeshore Records LKS 339462 Image supplied by

Lakeshore Records LKS 339462  

United States 
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  Track listing

1.  The Hunting Party Hits the Road (01:07)
2.  "The Doctor Is Everywhere" (01:24)
3.  Duck Reunited with Simon (02:09)
4.  Kidnapped! (01:06)
5.  The Drive Up to Celebici (02:12)
6.  Telling of the Fox (00:55)
7.  Persuading Duck (01:06)
8.  How Simon Met Martha (03:44)
9.  A Killer Called Srdjan (01:45)
10.  Back to Sarajevo (01:57)
11.  The Fox Hunts; Foca... "Don't Touch Him!" (01:16)
12.  Boris & The UN Conspiracy (01:16)
13.  Simon Discovers Marta in the Rubble (01:27)
14.  She's Gone; Simon's Loss (00:54)
15.  Pursuit of the Orange Cars (02:26)
16.  Meeting Boris in the Tunnel (01:54)
17.  Fooling the Informant (01:23)
18.  Deadly Ride (01:57)
19.  Trust Nobody (00:55)
20.  Bound, Gagged, and Ready to Die (03:28)
21.  Airlifted Out.. and Running Back In (03:38)
22.  Catch and Release (04:34)
23.  I Fought the Law (02:43)
Nirvan Pisoljevic
24.  Barra Barra (05:47)
Rachid Taha
25.  Putsi, Putsi Modu (03:50)
Zdravko Colic
26.  The Juicer (03:09)
The Sweet
27.  It's a Bad Situation in a Beautiful Place (02:31)
Two Tons of Love (Dos Chicanos Mas)
28.  Village Song (04:17)
Brian Keane & Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Total Duration: 01:04:50
Track listing contributed by JuPe

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